Wednesday, October 14, 2015

15 Months

VERY hard to get a photo these days :)
I'm VERY busy!!
So let's see - 15 months:
You love - reading (you grab books and crawl onto my lap constantly - you LOVE books). You love making animal sounds - you can say DO (for dog) and a ruff noise, you say quack for a duck and you snort for a pig. You also love your baby book about body parts - you crunch your teeth together when you see the teeth picture and stick out your tongue for that pic.
You cut 3 molars this month and the 4th is just starting to come through.
You like me to stay in eyesight lately - when you can't see me you start yelling 'MAMA' until you find me again. You also say Mama when you want something (food you spotted that's out!) or if you drop a fork. You are JUST starting to hand me your bowl when you're finished (rather than throwing it on the floor or turning the food out onto the floor....). You are also getting the hang of a spoon and fork! You also yell when you see the container of shredded cheese - you and your sister!
You love daycare and they say you are very social. You like playing with the other kids and the sand pit (amazing how much sand you get in your hair......)
You are a happy happy guy and you love your sister SO much. In the mornings you love going in her room and having me put you up on the bed so you can crawl up to her and snuggle. You have just started calling her 'NAH NAH'.
Cheeky :)
reading in your sister's pjs ;)

Max's favourite new thing - sweeping!

He cries if he seems me with the broom until I give it to him!
Max LOVES putting blankets on his head (especially this one!) he wears it like a robe and walks around SO happy :) Occasionally he covers his face and laughs and walks around too - NOT so safe! 
Genna wrote me this note the other day to remind me to bring the cradle down from her room in the morning ha ha :) She just asked me how to spell the words.
At the park again - we've had some lovely Spring weather lately

Genna really LOVES the 'frozen themed' hair do book that Joni sent - this was our first attempt at one of the styles

And the second style :) She asks for a new one each day
Mr blanket head on the move!

You can't catch ME!

Last weekend we went to the harbour beach by Rose Bay with Helen

Helen's friend Jo helped dig the moat for the sand castle

Max LOVED that dogs were allowed on this beach!! Little wet things running around everywhere!

Genna set up this 'bedroom' for them to play


Sleep time :)
At the mall on the weekend for Genna to attend a birthday party

At the Build a Bear shop with her friends :)

She named her bear Pheobe

Genna & her friend - from left - Poppy, Hetanshi (bday girl), Jasmina, Genna & Lily

Genna set up this 'fancy table' in the kitchen so she could sit close to Max (when he was in his high chair)

He soon wanted to get down though & join in!

oh oh I think I dropped something

They have a lot of fun together :)


  1. One word: DELIGHTFUL!!! Thanks for making it feel like we're right there!! Each and every photo/video makes me smile!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni

  2. Love the pictures, I can see Max is afraid of nothing!
    The swing sets, beach, people you name it, and I love Genna's new hair styles, she is beautiful you do a wonderful job with these two little people. Love you-Gigi

  3. ...and Genna's handwriting is amazing!!!!