Monday, June 25, 2012

Minnesota Week 2

We spent some time at Gigi's house and Marcus taught Genna how to use the cd player properly! 

Me & Uncle Norman

Genna & I surveying the crab legs - yummy!!!!

Grandma Sis, Norman, Me & Mom

and cuddles with Genna too :)

Out on the deck

Grandpa setting up the play wagon for Genevieve

SUCH a nice day!

A lovely meal too - the crab legs were fabulous!

Sis, Annie (Johnny's girlfriend) & Me

The next day.......................

The birthday boy Alexander (1 Hooray!) and his parents

Cuddles with Grandma Sally

and a new milk cup to try - yummm

Cute Cute Birthday Boy

and his present from Grandma & Grandpa - cool Cozy Coupe! (posing with Joni & Julie)

It was a lovely party with great food!

Loving his new car!!

Two GREAT Gradmas!

Birthday Boy chatting with Genna

Back at the swing with Jani

Cuddles with Mariah!

and Marcus!

Ohhhh a new book - fun!

Grandma, Genna & Lolly having a chat

And finally - off with the dress - time to be comfortable!

Such a lovely party - so fun to celebrate Alexander's first birthday:)

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  1. We are blessed to be able to celebrate life with our dear Genevieve and Alexander! What happy and celebratory weeks! Days to treasure and memories to cherish for the future. No greater joy than through the eyes of a child.
    Love, Grandpa and Grandma