Friday, January 6, 2012

An AMAZING Surprise!!

The Surprise...... I had NO idea!!

Ohhhhh my very own car!!! (she LOVES that it has eyes too:)

It came all the way from America!

Genna checking out her new piano from Grandma & Grandpa

Marcus giving Genna a ride in her new cute pink car !!


Check out my feet while I eat

Oh Baba you are SO funny

Out shopping with Grandma & Mama

Ahhhh I LOVE shopping

Pretty Christmas tree at the mall

Back home, watering the flowers

More water please!

tea in my house

One day we went to the Koala park

Fun with Grandma

She loved seeing the koalas
Look Marky - they are right there!

Snack time with Grandma

Ohhh more koalas!

She gave it a little pet (well, poke really)

And a little wallaby - cute!

In the wallaby enclosure she wasn't too sure about all of them hopping around

But she did give one a poke

He's big compared to me!

Sometimes its just nice to rest with raisins while Marky pushes me though
MORE koalas!

These ones were really close too

What's in there?

This cockatoo stuck his head through the fence and said 'Hey Darling, give me a cracker' lol - it was so cute we HAD to give him one!

walking with Grandma & Grandpa


Marky too

It was a really fun visit :)

We also went to Manly one day for lunch

Do you like my Minnesota cheerleader outfit? TOO cute

The water fountains are TOO fun

By the Christmas tree in the Manly corso

It was such a nice hot day - lovely day for the beach

Drawing at lunch

The concentration tongue

and of course we had to go play in the sand for a bit

and a swing - fun

Back at home we got out the 'Merry Christmas' cookie cake I got for Murray

That night relaxing - we don't exactly have enough seats yet - so the lawn chairs came into the living room lol

Finally we had hot weather in Marcus's last week - which called for daily dips in the pool

snack by the pool

yummmm eggs

Dad helped Murray power wash the drive way

Before - After

Wow - those paths are DIRTY! This is Dad's artwork :)

Marcus & Dad helped Murray get rid of some WAY overgrown bushes around the pool too - here's the before

and the after! Looks a bit empty - but we plan on planting some nicer bushes that will cover the fence and NOT hang over the pool!! (that old bush would drop a million leaves into the pool if you touched it!)

Ride in the car from Grandma

I put my feet up sometimes so I can go FAST!

Sipping from my tea cup

Seeing if our new SUV fits in the garage - eeeeek JUST barely

opening Christmas pressies

watering the plants with Grandpa

Oh is this how I do it? Water the path?

Ahhhh or like THIS



I couldn't pick between these videos - so I posted both :)

Nap on the sofa with Grandpa

It was an AMAZING 6 days - what a great surprise :)


  1. I left you a special surprise in one of these pictures, see if you can find Esmay trademark.

  2. That is such a great surprise Monique! Looks like everyone had a great time.

  3. ya I see it - the finger - lovely
    it was a nice visit though - thanks for coming :)

  4. So, so sweet, I love that they surprised you!

  5. SO GLAD the surprise worked!! Your parents were SO excited!! Such a Merry/Happy Christmas!
    Love ya,

  6. I LOVE events like this - so fun that they were able to join you for Christmas and surprise you at the same time!

  7. Thanks for your hospitality in hosting us in your new home. We had a memorable,joyous time with you. Sending our love and appreciation for a wonderful week with you! Missed all three of you the moment we stepped out the door. Tears of joy and sadness in leaving our dear Genevieve were spilling like rain!
    Love you