Saturday, March 21, 2015

Week 36

I accidentally took this picture last week, a week ahead, oops! I thought it was a cute cowboy like pose anyway ;)

Always happy :)

I love that you have started reaching for me this week. You are happy to be held by other people, but when you want to come back to me you lean your body forward and hold out for arms :)

You are my little avocado fiend lately - you eat it SO quickly and never drop any on the ground! I cut it into small squares because you shove it in your mouth so fast!!

Max in his St. Patrick's Day outfit
And Genna in hers :) She wanted to do a ballet pose rather than a ninja, but loves the shirt (thanks Grandpa & Grandma:)

I was trying to get a photo of our little vampire:) Both top eye teeth have popped through but nothing in the middle yet!

Dude, Mama, enough photos! Ha ha - cute shirt though.

There's lots of love between them :)


  1. Not sure which character pose I like best...cowboy or vampire...but they're both adorable!! And the Irish ballerina ninja is oh so delightful!!
    Thanks for the smiles again!
    G.A. Joni

  2. Glad the kids St. Patrick's Day shirts arrived. Looks like Max's outfit fits him nicely, too! Yeah. Hard to believe how much they both have grown and changed since we saw them last. Sending our love and best wishes. Looking forward to seeing Murray's birthday photos. I gaze at every photo and read every line of the captions. Loved the story about how smiley, gregarious Max reaches out to you when others are holding him. Touches my heart! Have a lovely weekend! Hope your yard is taking shape.
    Love you, Grandma and Grandpa