Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 34 / 8 Months

Dadda's new toy - The Fox :)

Genna LOVES it and is VERY excited about going 4 wheel driving and camping!!!

Helen brought a gingerbread house to decorate with Genna - she was thrilled
Eating with cute new slippers

After breakfast he likes to sit on the sofa with Genna and she feeds him cheerios

The other day she said MOM come and get him - he's being too grabby! Lol - he was reaching over trying to grab handfuls of cereal :)

I love these things!
34 Weeks

Serious dude

Middle fingers on his toes ha ha - I just can't choose just one koala photo - they're all too cute. I take a lot trying to get a smile!
Genevieve is learning Spanish at school on Mondays
And Max is working on his finger food skills
The blocks were VERY distracting this month!!!

8 Months and just over 20 pounds (9.3 kg)

Genevieve was thrilled with her new color change shirt - thanks Gigi!

Some afternoons we walk to the park - Genna scooted!

first corn on the cob :) didn't really work - he couldn't get it off with his 2 teeth, so I cut it off the cob and he ate it up

Pretty girl in her pretty new dress with matching dolly dress - thanks Grandma & Grandpa :)

TEETH! he now has 2 bottom teeth and both top eye teeth! I think the top middle are VERY close to popping out soon too!

Baby in her carrier :)

Thanks Joni - the princess tattoos and Rapunzel magnet game is fun!
Happy kiddies at home with Dadda while Mama is out enjoying some time out of the house on her bday

His FAVORITE thing - the remote!

Genna picked out presents for me and wrapped them herself along as well as making a card :)

It's meant to read From Maxwell, Genevieve, Dadda. We love you.
She got me 2 little egg cups with roses & butterflies on them :)

She also drew this family portrait
from left: Mama, Dadda, Genna, Max (with one long spikey hair ha ha!)

The proud artist
Max enjoyed ripping up the wrapping paper!
I had a lovely lunch out with Helen and then she kindly babysat and Murray and I went out for a wonderful Thai meal. We ate WAY too much, so yummy! For dessert we had crème brulee. I asked the waitress why it was green (I thought pistachio?) she said it was some kind of Thai leaf that was ground up. Interesting, well it was delicious! A great birthday all around :)
Today Genna attended 'big girl gymnastics' for the second time - for 4 & 5 year old where they go in without parents. She did a GREAT job!

I waited with Mr. dandelion head :) He had fun screeching SO loud that everyone turned to see who was making all the noise ha!

He liked going to the RSL afterwards too - along with Sophie of course!

It was kids day today and Genna got a facepaint as well as an amazing balloon flower + dog! She was THRILLED!
I have got him to roll over a few times reaching for toys - he still doesn't like it though!


  1. I don't know how you do it, but each blog is more delightful than the last!! Wait.....yes, I know!! You have 2 DELIGHTFUL kids!! Soooooo much fun to read and watch! Max using his Gigi Sally finger when grabbing his toes is hy-hy-hysterical! And Genna singing in Spanish...precious! Thanks for sharing!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. Wonderful memories for Genna and Max. Loved photos of the milestones such as Genna's first gymnastics to Max rolling over for the toy birthday cake. The photo of Maxwell smiling as you tickle his tummy is priceless. Of course, I like the "Golden girls" photo of Genna and dolly, too. Lovely stories and sweet pictures. Feeding cheerios is the BEST, too! So much that I will need to revisit again and again! Only wish the birthday girl's photo had been on the blog with her family! The egg cups were cute and I love the photo frames for Genna's artwork from Joni and Kevin.
    You are loved and missed! XXOO
    Love, Grandpa and Grandma