Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 23

23 Weeks :) It's officially uncomfortable for Genna and I when she sits on my lap and tries to lean back. We've had to change to a sit on on knee and rest on my arm :) Jingle is moving a lot every day, everything seems to be going well! Jingle is now the size of a grapefruit.
Dadda, Genna & Helen at the park while I was in Mexico
Cute :)
Dadda also took Genna to Manly beach
And to Targona Zoo (with ice cream too - fun!!)
Genna and I trying out my bday present from Helen - it makes veggies into pasta! I LOVE it!
SO yummy too! Sweet potato and zuchinni
Trying out the hair bun maker Joni sent back for her - SO cool - the perfect bun!
At the mall with Helen while Mama grocery shopped - fun with Peppa Pig!
She did her Mexican ladybug puzzle from Gigi Sis about 12 times the first day - so fun!
Pigtails with her new Dora clips from Grandma AND a headband of course :)
All dressed up for our annual tea party
With lamby
A small selection of the treats people brought - there was SO much! My mini crustless quiche went down well, and Helen's sandwiches were delicious!
The next day she decided to dress up again - with 'baby' Ellie
First movie at the theatre today
We went to see Peter Rabbit
It was great, we even brought our own little bags of popcorn :)


  1. Love the baby Jingle and Genna photos and of course all of the joys and celebrations of everyday life. This blog helps me hold on until we see you again in August! The pasta making machine out of vegetables is really cool,too. I am posting photos on Facebook like crazy. Monique, I get so many comments about what a beautiful pregnant lady you are and I say, "Yes, she is!"
    Love you!

  2. Monique - you and Jingle look FANTASTIC!!! So excited to meet that little wiggly baby!!
    Genna looks adorable in every dress and outfit and hair accessory she puts on!!!
    And LOVE the pics of Genna with Dada and Helen! Glad they all survived whilst you were away!
    And, last but not least, so glad the bun-maker is a hit! :o)
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni

  3. New blog!! Makes my day! Yep.....makes my day!!!! Thank you!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani