Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 20

Week 20 - Jingle is the length of a banana (head to rump). Half way today, only 20 weeks to go!!
Measuring a week ahead at our ultrasound last week

Can you see my eyes!! Kind of scary!

Why we're feeling all those kicks!


Last week Genna told me she was worried because we don't have a cot (crib) for the Jingle. I said we do have one Genna, we just haven't put it back together yet. She then said she was worried because we don't know how to put it together, and insisted neither Murray nor I knows how! lol

On Friday Poppy's Mom got their early and was having a chat with Genna and her friends. She said 'Genna do you want a brother or a sister?' Genna said 'A sister, no wait - I AM the sister!' I spent some time explaining to her later that no matter what she will always be the sister :)

This morning on the way to preschool she asked for a wet wipe to wipe off her hands and face after a piece of toast (with nutella of course). She asked if I needed one for my hands and I said no thanks, I will just wash my hands at work. She said - astonished - 'They have sinks at your work???' ha ha - yes!

On the way home on Friday she said 'Mama when I'm big can I sit in your seat and drive the car?' I said yes, when you're 18. She replied 'But I'm 18 now', no - you're 3. She insisted she was 18 now, I said well, remember that plastic card I have with my picture on it? You have to take a test and the policeman gives you one of those that says you are allowed to drive. She said 'well you can draw me one.' I said no, we have to go in to a special office to get one 'But they won't know how to draw my hair!!!' ha ha - I said no Genna, they take a picture of you. Oh, ok.
Until then, she can drive this :)
Ice cream ladies - Genna & Poppy  -post swimming lesson (2 weeks ago)
Ice cream ladies last week - they sure love this rainbow ice cream!

Sunday we popped by the beach during a break in the rain

And a play in a sand hole of course - messy fun!

Colorful rhino near the beach

Dressing up her in friend Chloe's costume when we went to see their new house
One of our favorite people at school - a lady who took care of Genna in the baby's room (til she was 2) was leaving the daycare because she's moving, so we decided to make cupcakes for her leaving party
Frosting is hard work!
Oh dear I got a bit on my finger......
Peppa pig on a muddy puddle :)
And her brother George too :) I thought they turned out quite cute!
I just love this picture - this is a headband she chose to earn with her sticker chart - lovely framing her face
All dressed up before bath :)
I had to take a picture of this - the best face she has drawn - quite good I think!!
And swimming this past week :) We were happy for some hot sunny days.


  1. Ohmygoodness! This blog has so many fantastic things I don't know where to start or what is my favorite!! The pictures of Jingles are so exciting! The little foot is simply precious! You'll have to take a 'real' one when he/she arrives to compare!
    And the stories!!! Too hoo hoo funny! The sink surprise and claiming to be 18 made me giggle, but the "I AM the sister" made me laugh out loud!!! And the flower headband....well, Genna is simply gorgeous. And the swimming videos make me constantly awwwwwww because of her sweet little Aussie accent! Thanks for sharing! Can't WAIT to see you and Jingles in just a few short days!!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. First off...Monique - you (and Jingle) look fantastic!!
    Secondly...I could watch the videos and listen to Genna's accent ALL DAY LONG!!! So delightful!!
    Thanks for another amazing and fun blog!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni

  3. You know how I feel about that photo of Genna in the flowered headband...I just love that picture; she is so precious! Great stories and pictures that you shared with us. From the ultrasound to the pool and the mall with Poppy, then baking, at the beach in the sand, and swimming at home in your pool...I feel like we were on an adventure with Genna and you. Great job of documenting a few days in your lives. Precious! Thanks for all the time and trouble to do this; it means a lot to me and to many others that read and follow your blog.
    Love you, Mom