Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 19

I can feel Jingle move on a daily basis now - very reassuring :)
Princess Genna - she insists on the bun too - so she looks like Cinderella, and because it helps the crown stay in place!

Her new baby carrier! Fun

It rained a LOT last week!
Good excuse to get the rain gear out
She had a great time
Back to sunny this weekend though, Dadda's helper watering the orange tree :)
Lots of dancing this morning too


  1. Genna, you look just like Cinderella!!! And your dancing and singing makes me smile reeeeeeeeaalllllly big!! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani
    P.S. I love the Australian/American luggage decor next to the fireplace! Perfect!!

  2. Dear Ms. Genevieve,
    We love watching your shows staged on the mantle of the fireplace to classic piano pieces. It was also a joy to see you loving the rain and playing in the puddles; it looks like so much fun to us. Looking forward to seeing you dancing in person this summer!!!! Love you, baby. Take care of Mom, Dad, and Jingle!
    XXOO Grandma and Grandpa

  3. So much emotion in the last song/dance! To CUTE.