Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Minnesota - 1

After a VERY long (2) flights, Genna and I arrived in Minnesota.

Once she got a good night's sleep she was ready to play with Grandpa!

and she had a GREAT time with all the new toys - she especially loves this activity table


Some serious reading

We stopped by pregnant Aunty Megan's house one day to say Hello

and she has had SUCH SUCH fun with Grandma

playing with Uncle Marcus

Fun with Aunty Joni

and Uncle Kevin

My Aunt Julie & cousin Caleb came by to say hello

and give Genna some gorgeous gifts one day too :)

Brushing her new puppy

Exploring flowers out in her new lightweight stroller

We also got out on the boat becuase the weather was gorgeous! Genna was showing Great Grandma Sis something on her hands I think

a big bushy Brock tail going by - Genna LOVES Brock and he's fascinated by her

Cuddles with Aunty Mariah

She especially LOVES when Joni lets her play with her i-phone

and cuddles with Great Grandma of course

Happy in her comfy high chair with a new fancy bib!

One afternoon she had a BLAST 'pushing' her stroller around the yard with Mariah

The four of us went to a wedding reception one evening - Genna was so so good - everyone thought she was just wonderful:)

We also attending my cousin Sarah's bridal shower

Me, Genna, Sarah's fiance's grandmother, Great Grandma Sis & Sally

The awesome book Grandma Sally gave me 'from Genevieve' - so cool!

All the ladies - it was fun to see everyone !!

Back at the house Genna sat with Great Grandma Sally & taste tested her new dolly

Another lovely night on the boat tonight - the weather here has been AMAZING!!!!

enjoying the view

We are having SUCH a great time :)


  1. She is just darling. Looks like your having a wonderful visit with your family. Enjoy the summer sunshine- it's cold back here in Sydney!

  2. Wow, what a cutie!!!!!!!!!Looks like your Gram and Gramps enjoy everything about being grandparents. Enjoy the Minnesota summer.