Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 52

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 52 weeks old!

We've been too busy to do a koala photo - but we did have a fun day out this week.
You didn't mind being all bundled up :)

We went into the city one day to meet my friend Suze who I haven't seen in AGES! It was great to catch up and introduce you to her and to meet her husband!

You had SO much fun on the ferry. You kept hiding behind the seats and then popping out to play peekaboo with me!

You also formed a strong bond (addiction) to this dolly this week. You would not go ANYWHERE without her - not even your high chair!

No you will NOT take her away!! I will hide her if I have to!

Happy messy lady - you went from refusing to eat anything I offered you on a spoon (it was a finger food only week) to handing us the spoon so WE could feed you! Interesting...

Hey Mama - what are you doing in there??

Showing off your spoon skills

All dressed up for your friend Chloe's birthday party - fun!

And finally - the walking has progressed! You are actually walking across the room now!! We were so excited we had to film it (don't mind the door stop in her mouth lol!)

Love you LOTS,

(1st birthday post to follow soon!)


  1. Look at her go!! I LOVE the double squealing from Genna and Mommy at the end of her walk! And how cute that she has become a little Mommy herself with the dolly!! Love and miss you! Great Auntie Jani

  2. Love that darling hat on Genevieve; plus, you had a cute, little bow in her hair for her friend's party. Also, really enjoyed the video of Genna walking all the way down your hallway. That was precious footage. Happy 4th of July from Minnesota. Love, Grandma