Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 46

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 46 weeks old!
Pointing is one of your new favorite things - you point at what you want now which is helpful! The other night at dinner I was trying to feed you something and you pointed at the cup of peas as if to say NO I want those! You were thrilled when I gave them to you - you LOVE peas as finger food this week!

Your other favorite thing is carrying things around in your mouth. You are a multi-tasker. You love crawling around with a toy (or a sock) hanging out of your mouth - just like a little puppy!

The other thing you just started doing is bouncing your legs to music! Your first dancing :) The other thing you started this week was shaking your head 'no.' I don't you doing it actually MEANS no yet, but you LOVE shaking your head back and forth at every single thing I ask you!

And you LOVE cuddling your Tigger this week - he's your favorite!!

Brushing Tigger's hair - ahhhhhhh

And snuggling Daddy's jumper of course :)

This little bear who we call 'beary' is also something you LOVE to cuddle. When we give him to you you snuggle him up close - so sweet.

Hi Daddy! Peeking over the sofa arm

You talk talk talked this week - we're not sure what you are trying to say - but you love to talk!

We are experimenting more with finger foods this week too - you love using your spoon and your hands to 'pick up' puree - hmmmm. It's messy - but fun!

Although you were sick most of this week, we still had a nice time. Lots of sofa cuddling time - and you even slept on my chest for a few hours one day which was lovely. I'm glad you're feeling better now though. Today was our first day out to the beach in almost a week - you were thrilled and pushed your walker around after birds with glee. You even took the tiniest step by yourself without prompting! You have a ways to go until you are a 'full walker' but you are SO getting there!!!

Lots of Love,

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