Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 43

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 43 weeks old!
Lately you want to explore EVERYTHING. You love pulling open the velcro on my diaper bag and pulling out everything to have a look. Here you have opened the bag with snacks in it (rice cakes, etc) Yumm yumm

This week we also went to a local play centre for the first time. They had a TON of toys - you loved checking everything out - and best of all under 1's are FREE! It was fun - I'd definitely go again.

You have totally figured out how to use your walker - crawling around to the back and standing up properly when you feel like a walk. You have also been using the walker to transport yourself around our flat and transfer to other interesting objects - like chairs and boxes and fun stuff like that. You are REALLY getting good at it! You also have started letting go of objects and balancing without holding onto anything a LOT this week - you don't even have to have something in your hands to focus on now to do it. I can see you getting better at it day by day. I have also seen you stand up from a crouching position all by yourself a few times!! You have also started wanting to push everything across the floor like your walker - today you pushed an empty box across the room at our friend's place and this morning you pushed your piano across the room!!

You LOVE my wallet lately - it's just so fun to take EVERYTHING out. You even figured out how to pull my credit cards out of the slots - very impressive!

This week you have started using a spoon to self feed - you don't know how to scoop the food up, but you put it in the bowl, I put a little food on, then you put it in your mouth! Very messy practice will make perfect I hope :)

Saturday we went to see our friends Steph & Matt's new baby Charlie - you were Fascinated with him - you just kept staring into his cute little face.

I got a little cuddle too - ahhhhhhhhhh he is SO cute and sweet and lovely and tiny :)

Sunday we got outside to enjoy a GORGEOUS warm day - it felt like summer came back. Your new obsession is pushing your own stroller - you LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Down by the beach we took off your pants so you could have a little airing out time since it was SO lovely and warm!

Hi Daddy! You started waving this week when we say 'Hi'

Serious lady!! You have started pulling yourself up on our trousers for fun and when you want to get picked up this week. You love pulling up and then sticking your head between my knees to peep through my legs - ha ha - so cute.

I'm with the band - I'm very serious about it!

You also started making a new talking sound that to us sounds like 'daka dooka' - we LOVE it!

Another great week my baby :)

Lots of Love,


  1. Oh Monique she is so beautiful and perfect. I so much LOVE starting my day by looking at the photos and videos! Cannot WAIT to see you guys in what, about 7 weeks??!! (we'll miss you Murray :( )
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. She's found the credit cards!!! Woo Hoo!!! Just point her to the shoe store, right?!?!?
    Love you (and it's May and we get to see you THIS MONTH!!!!),

  3. I have a walker all set for Genevieve when she gets to Grandpa and Grandma's house. Who knows, at the rate she is moving, she may be walking all by herself by then. I am starting to count down the days until Genna and you are home. Miss you!
    Love Grandma