Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feel better Bruce!

Bruce (our station wagon) is off to get fixed up over the next few days - we dropped him off this morning. He hurt his bum last week when Murray was rear ended in the harbour tunnel - not good! The back is banged up - so they are going to replace the bumper and the hatchback door, and at the same time they are going to fix up the scratches we incurred while getting used to such a long car.... Looking forward to getting him back soon looking all new and spiffy! Thank goodness for our tow bar though - that saved Bruce from MASSIVE damage. The girl who hit him totalled her car! Murray was fine as well - thank goodness. Just a good reminder to us all to DRIVE SLOW - especially in the tunnel (it is REALLY long, and has a downward slope when you are leaving the city and heading North - that is where she slid down and smashed into Bruce - because she was going too fast)!!

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