Friday, June 26, 2009

My First Ever Netball Game!

I filled in on Anna's netball team on Wednesday night. I was up front from the start though -saying not only had I never played netball I have never even SEEN a game!

We each had to put a little jersey on with the initials of our positions. They had me start as a Goal Defender (that's GD on the below map...) and the girl who I was supposed to be covering was SOOO fast - I spent the whole time just turning around going 'where the heck did she go?' then running after her (while trying to remember what lines I had to stay between, how far I had to stay from other players, etc. - lots of goofy rules...)

So after the first half they had me change to Goal Shooter. We lost BIG time - 18 to 3 (but there was a few people on our team that had never played before - and the other team had played together for a year...), but guess who got 2 of our 3 goals???
I was pretty happy with myself! The basket is just like a basketball basket - but with no backboard. But somehow - goodness KNOWS how many years it has been since I last shot a basket, but I did ok! If they ask me back again I'd go - it was fun:)

Oh and one funny thing - when you are shooting, the defenders from the other team have to stand 3 feet from you, but they are allowed to lean forward and wave their hands around to try and block/distract you - I do NOT like that part!!! The first time I went to shoot a girl was doing that. I just stopped aiming - and said 'well THAT is distracting' I think she was surprised I said that because she stopped and moved away, then I shot and scored HA! Too funny:)

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  1. Ha, not the same ethics as tennis, is it? Sounds fun, though. Good for you scoring two goals. Way to go! Love, Mom