Thursday, November 7, 2013


I've been so busy getting all the USA photos posted, I have a ton of pics since we've been back to catch up on :)
Excited to be at the Dora show!

SO happy

SO many characters in life size costumes - it was a great show

Backpack & the Map :) We had a great time, topped off by a great lunch with Dadda in the park!

Coins in my toes!

Fun bow

I'm a rock star!

This tunnel is fun (and she does have undies on at least - it was a hot day!)

Such a gorgeous photo - looking SO grown up
Helping Juice!
Poppy's birthday party!!!! In the teacup ride with Lily (on the left) and Poppy (middle)

And Aavani too (far left)

Poppy's Moms getting everyone's crowns on

The great teenage entertainer - she did a good job keeping their attention with songs and games

Octonauts! (a cute cartoon here about animals that go on underwater missions)

Music time!

And marching around the room singing

Friends :)

Hands up high


Silly face time!

Then the princess of the day gets pulled/pushed around in her throne wagon - the kids LOVED it - so much fun

This slide was so big it made her a bit nervous, so I said I'd go with her - it was FAST!
The rest of the time Genna and her friends just ran around and played on the slides/ball pit/ cars / play kitchen, etc etc. SO much to do she never wanted to leave :)
Loving her octonaut party accessories :)

Her friend Hetanshi was there too - just wasn't in any of the photos

We're back taking swimming lessons once a week

Look there's Poppy - right in the next lane!

Leaving work one day a few weeks ago - the fires out West were SO bad I could barely see the sun from all the smoke - awful!
Look - my new lap desk has a light - FUN!

Working in the dark :)

Halloween coloring sheets in her new dress

Dinner on her fancy pooh set :)

And enjoying a hot sunny Spring day!

My new headband - do you like it?

Sprinkler hose - as a shark - of course :)

In the paddle pool with Ariel - SO fun that she can swim too!

And a few stories:

The morning after Halloween she told me ‘I can have M&Ms for breakfast, because they will give me fruit and lunch and water to make me healthy at school.' Ha ha! Ok, but only today!

The other day, while skyping with my parents, Genna was bossing me - telling me to lay down, close my eyes and sleep. I said just let me finish my tea please, then I will pretend to sleep. She marched up to the computer and said Grandma and Grandpa, Monique is NOT listening to me!!!

Genna's new favorite song :)


  1. Everything about this blog was fantastic...but to get to the end and be serenaded with "Sunshine On My Shoulders" absolutely made my day! Thanks!!
    G.A. Joni

  2. You little party animal- what good friends and good parties, just enjoy, love your song -Ms. Underwood!

  3. We gave Miss Genna that CD and book from John Denver and I love it when she sings it to us. The photos and videos on the blog spanned a wide array of activities and skills; very fun to peruse through. Certainly was "Sunshine on my shoulders that makes me happy!"
    Love, Grandpa and Grandma