Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Last USA Post - California

In our rental car in San Diego - of course wouldn't rest on the plane, so car nap it is!

YAY pool with Charlie!

My new puddle jumper life jacket - works SO well AND is cute!

She actually got confident enough in the jacket to swim on her own a bit with Charlie!

One handed!

'Swimming' to the wall herself

They love climbing over the small wall to the shallow side too


They loved eating together

Off to the Aquarium

They had a sign up saying don't worry, she's not dead, just pregnant!! Oh dear

Gorgeous jelly fish

GREAT displays - nearly every window had toddler steps so they could see

QUITE a view from the balcony as well !

Also, pregnant seahorses - we watched a video of a male giving birth - WOW - like a machine gun with little seahorses popping out!

The leafy sea dragon! Also found in Manly, NSW, Australia :)

Chilli dog lunch !

And one last dinner together :) It was a GREAT visit. SO nice to see Steph & Matt and meet gorgeous baby James (how do we not have ONE picture of them though??) Oops!
The next day we popped by a park on the way out, to run her around a bit before the drive.

Our waitress had recommended the place to us, and to bring bread for the ducks!

At LAX in the Virgin Australia lounge - Genna LOVED the views of the planes

And she loved the chocolate cookies.

Back at home - jet lag is TOUGH!

To combat it for us, it was time to JUICE!

It looks like black juice, but it is quite tasty!

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  1. Murray's photos at the aquarium = amazing!
    Genna and Charlie's cuddles = delightful!
    Entire blog = wonderful!
    Love and miss you,
    G.A. Joni