Sunday, August 2, 2015

Last week :)

Genna asked me to do a plait (braid) across the top of her head like a crown & a pony tail
she was very happy with the result :)

I love that little hair tuft - we went for lunch at the rsl
Big boy in the stroller :)

I'll take that cup Genna!

He's getting so good at throwing balls :)

Someone found how to reach the monitor!! It's attached to the end of the crib - we may have to move it up on the wall now!
Very proud - she traced the words & drew the pictures all on her own ;)
Family dinner - only missing Dadda - but it was fun to sit together
Checking out a local park

These swings were great for little ones!!

Swing in the 'spiderweb' swing with Genna

GORGEOUS Minnetonka moccasins on Maxi - thanks Joni :)

Genna decided to make this one day so she could play 'Christmas Day'
her favourite holiday of course!
LOVING this discovery toy!!
At the mall the other day she spotted these 'horses' you could ride - so cool!


I have a new phone (not happy about how unclear the pictures are!) I also get stuck on a certain page sometimes and I cannot figure out how to get it off the screen - Genna decided to try and help me :)
And all his walking progress - before the broken leg drama :( Oh well, doc says he'll pick it up again when the cast comes off no problem!

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