Monday, July 20, 2015

Busy times!

Picking out Genna's fish the day before her birthday

She chose a fighting fish - she was SO excited! (must post a pic of her with it on the next blog!!)

Day out at the RSL - Max was loving the fake grass

Genna was loving the 'magic' show

investigating - he was loving poking his fingers in the holes

snack time!

SO happy to get a face paint!!

Another day at the mall they had a dinosaur display - Genna LOVED it!!

free dinosaur painting too - super fun

Max had a ride in a truck while Genna painted ;)


Bath time is more fun together

I know I have a walker - but I LOVE putting things on the upside down stool and pushing it around :)
I was cleaning his room the other day and moved the cot to find all of these on the floor against the wall!!! I thought we were running low on clean dummies (nuks)!!!

Lovely winter day - outside enjoying the sun & bubbles

Genna prepping for her outing to Disney on Ice with Helen (her special bday present) she was SOOOOO excited
All dressed up for the show with her lovely new Ariel doll from Helen

She LOVED it - was absolutely amazed :) And so happy to have a special day out with her aunty!
Back at home - we played blocks :)

Later in the weekend - Dadda put together Genna's big present from us!

Such a poser!

She was nervous at first but then gained a bit of confidence when she realised the training wheels wouldn't let her tip

Always so good at playing with her brother too!

SO tall with Dadda!

Getting into all of Genna's stuff!!

At the park :)

Our for a chilly walk - can you spot the Baba? He has become SO attached to it! When he wakes from nap he often clutches onto it for awhile while playing.

The stool again!!
Playing with his sister - we're trying to teach him gentle touch so he doesn't hurt her accidentally by hitting her in the face!
Big news was I started back at work last week. It was a tough first long day for me and for Max, but by the second day we were both feeling more settled.
He also started 'kind of' using a spoon this week :) Most of it still goes on the floor - but he does get a bit in his mouth!
On the weekend he started the big next step towards being a toddler......
FIRST STEPS!!! He figured out how to stand up from sitting a few days ago then every day progressed a few more steps - I think he's up to 4 now!


  1. Genna looked so grown up in her costume for the play. I laughed until my side ached when you were filming Maxwell "tickling" Genna. Funny! Great job of capturing the highlights of the month. Good to see Genna is stil wearing the sundress and matching hat that we bought for her- love that outfit. Maxwell's first steps were so very wonderful to watch. Thanks for sharing the magic. Oh and the first two videos it would not let us watch unless we are signed in. The other ones worked. Glad to hear that both children have settled in to daycare and that Max and you are feeling better about the separation. So happy that all is going well for you.
    Love, Mom

  2. Yay! More videos to watch over and over and over!! Thanks!!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani
    P.S. Max eats with a spoon just like his Grampa John!

  3. Maxwell reminds me of Uncle Marcus, now he is doing Jiu Jitsu on Genna. Love it and the walking is just days away, then action begins. Great blogs, great video.
    Love GIGI