Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Back in Oz / Week 50/51

Week 50 - What? I'm not doing anything!

I love emptying tissue boxes :)
I am SO over this koala thing Mom.......

I'd much rather crawl around :)

He's getting VERY good at pulling up to standing and just starting to furniture surf as well - moving along the edges

In the playroom where we get our car serviced - he LOVED watching the traffic go by

Genna worked on her writing on the giant chalkboard!

Time for a walk!
Back at home - drawing in her doodle book - she drew Mary's sheep
Last weekend was my first full day away from Max. I went with Selina on a gourmet Italian safari - to celebrate her birthday :)
All of the deli's had amazing selections of cheeses and meats - we tried SO SO many!!
Then we had a wonderful lunch with delicious food & yummy wine
Big juicy olives
and 2 types of pasta
and a very traditional Italian pizza - delicious!!!!
At the next deli we tried another 10+ meats and cheeses - I though I was going to explode! Or roll out of there lol! This pasta sample he made was just sooooooo good though, 3 cheese sauce - so delicious.
And our final stop - ricotta pie - yummmm,
Such a fantastic day - such an experience!! I came home with a few Italian purchases and a wealth of knowledge about their cuisine :)
While Mama was out - the kids had a great day with Dadda!
Next day - we got to work on Genna's cupcakes for her preschool birthday celebration

We were quite happy wit how they turned out!!

Genna's friend Poppy came over to help her decorate - they had a GREAT time!

Dressed up as Tinkerbell at school - she loved that everyone sang to her :)

I'm glad I could be there to sing too :) Everyone LOVED her cupcakes as well - a fun day!
Next day outing to the park - they had fun together!

While I was tidying the playroom the other day - someone was following me around and throwing things back on the floor hmmmmm - good thing he's so cute :)
Attempt at Week 51 koala photo

I think it's a thing of the past :)

WAY too busy :)


  1. Loved, loved, loved that "I'm innocent photo of Maxwell and the Kleenex box." That age is an exploration stage of life and there will be a lot more laying about on your floor. Also, thought it was cute as all get out that Genna was pulling Max around on her toy, pull out couch.
    You sure have gotten more than your money's worth out of that piece of furniture. Looks like Genna had a lot of fun preparing for her celebrations for her birthday. Told her that you are having FIVE parties this year for your Golden Fifth Birthday celebrations. Glad that we were able to celebrate with the kids in MN, too. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to document what is going on in your lives. Hard to believe that Genna will be starting Kindergarten this year already. Where has the time gone? Love you, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. LOVE IT ALL!!!
    Thanks for (yet again) all the smiles!!
    Walking is in sight for the big guy!!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni

  3. One more thing...great to see Selina and you out for an adventure together. Italian cuisine, which is a synonym for delicious, is the best. Glad you ladies had an opportunity to relax and change the pace of your lives.
    Good for you! Celebrate life!