Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Thigh tickles from Grandma - SO much fun
By the lake with cousin Alex
Books with Dadda - Max LOVES all his new birthday books - thanks Grandma & Grandpa!
Books with Grandpa, he loves feeling the textures on the page

Max's new pony Brock :) Such a gentle dog

Boat ride!

Genna the dog wrangler

Saying hello to Uncle Marky

CUPCAKES! The amazing cupcakes Joni made for Amy & Marcus's baby shower

And the stunning cake. She is just AMAZING at cakes - stunning

Owl carnage later that night - the rice crispies were yummy!

Fun with Joni
On the boat with Grandma & Gigi Sis

Fun with Alex :)

She had a GREAT time pulling him around at the party
It was a WONDERFUL shower! So great I didn't really take any pictures! Just wonderful to catch up with everyone and celebrate Marcus & Amy's daughter who will arrive in August :)
A few days later we went to Alex's house to celebrate his 4th birthday - Genna had a great time!

My favourite beer when I'm home - it is AMAZING in a pint glass with a slice of lemon - yummmm

I LOVE this photo :)

Amy introduced me to triple T, SO delicious as a chip dip and on roasted potatoes!
At Chuck-e-Cheese for Genna's birthday party - Max had fun with Jani

and catching up with cousin Alex

The girls, Amy, Joni, Mandie, Jolie & Me

The place is basically a big arcade & pizza place - very fun

Genna always on the move - hard to get a photo!

She was SO thankful for Grandma throwing her such a wonderful birthday party :)

Me with my Grandmas :)

Amy helped Genna finish off her tokens

Then it was present time :)

I'm going to be FIVE!!

She LOVED her barbie & pony from Joni & Kevin :)

Awesome Frozen lego set from Marcus & Amy

Me & Sis - Such a fun day for all of us

Genna & Grandma with her gorgeous new doll Pheobe

She had a Wonderful day :)

Chatting with Grandma about flowers - a thing they both love :)
Playing with Maxi

Fishing with Grandpa!


Kimo exploring :)

Mowing with Grandpa - I just love the JOY in her face
We had a fantastic visit to Minnesota. So wonderful to just relax and catch up with family and friends, boat rides on the lake and baby and birthday celebrations. We loved every minute of our trip :)

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  1. Wonderful photos from such a happy visit to MN. Thanks for sharing them with us. Dad and I loved having your family home with us. Particularly nice that you were here to celebrate with the whole family at the baby shower. Loved the professional photos that Murray took of the kids and the last one of Genna is amazing. Miss you. Have a great Golden Birthday, Genna...followed in 5 more days with Max's first birthday and Auntie Helen 4 days later. Lots to be joyous about. We will be celebrating the 4th with Johnny. Excellent blog- thanks so much.
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa