Sunday, June 28, 2015


Just before we left on holiday - Olaf ice cream at the library!

AND why we have gates on the stairs!!!

They love sitting next to each other in the car :)

After a decent plan ride (only 8 ish hours!) we made it to Honolulu then had to wait for our connecting flight to the Big Island.

We were all very tired!

But once we got there it was all good - the next day we went out to get groceries

These 2 were thrilled :)
Then we came back to a lovely gift basket from Grandma & Grandpa in MN for our anniversary - lots of lovely Hawaiian treats :)
This banana tree was right outside our room!

and lots of lovely flowers

and vibrant lizards!

One day we made it out to a beach

The lava and sand made it quite unusual looking - very pretty

kiddie cuddles with Dadda

Max & Mama

Another day we ventured down to a beach where there are often turtle spottings

Max enjoyed the 'sand' (more like coarse shells & lava!)

Of course he tasted it when I wasn't looking!!!

Ewwww this is gross!

Genna was THRILLED when a turtle came up near her!!!

I tried to point it out to Max - I'm pretty sure he saw it!

Genna's first shaved ice - she LOOOOVED it :)

Tickles back at our apartment :)

And of course LOTS of swimming :)


Some days it was just too hot for a shirt :) He had to wear pants because the carpet was rough and very hard on his knees

The other pool on the property had a great kiddie area that was shallow

Pool time selfie :)

Chewing his favourite toothbrush :) Made for a good teether as there isn't any bristles

Watching the surfers before dinner

Our entertainer :)
We loved the landscaping around our apartment - lovely and tropical

Fresh Lei making!!

Our for dinner at Bubba Gumps - what a view!!!

Murray's cool cocktail glass :)

Genna LOVED her dinner! Fish & Chips in a boat with blue jello too!

Dessert was awesome too - ice cream with choice of toppings - a 4 year olds dream come true! :)

It's hula time!

Genna getting a hula lesson!!

Joy is the activities director at our resort and invited us to come into town where she was performing for a hula lesson - Genna was THRILLED!!
One day we walked into town for frozen yogurt

do you think Max liked it lol?


The lady's gown (with her new flower clip :)

One night when Dadda was out taking photos of the sunset, it took me awhile to get Max to sleep - when I went into the other room I found Genna like this ha ha!

Chillin at the pool

Genna's tiny tiny frog

One day we went to an amazing playground not far from town

lovely sunsets every night

Genna & Mama's excursion day!

On the boat that took us to ....

Our submarine ride!!

We saw 2 shipwrecks - this one had a plastic skeleton attached to the mast ha!

Genna had a guide that she ticked off the fish she saw on - she really enjoyed the view

Our sub :)


Another beautiful sunset in paradise

Photo shoot around the resort with Dadda :)

Genna LOVED the turtles in this pond

gorgeous eyelashes

A brilliant trip. Great for us to unwind and just relax. Next up.... Minnesota!

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  1. The hula dance with Genevieve as the star was just magical. I watched it over and over and over. Great photos of a most memorable Hawaii and tenth anniversary celebration. Enjoyed the pool and beach photos but my favorites were Maxwell with his sunnies and Genna with the orchid posing on the grass. Congratulations again and thanks for sharing 10 days of your 10th anniversary with us!
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa