Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 45 - We have a crawler !

He has started shaking his head no when he doesn't want something - when I offer him something he doesn't want to eat he will shake his head and then throw the food on the floor, sigh!

He protests now when you take something away from him (that he shouldn't have!) by throwing is head on the floor and crying/yelling! Thus why we play on the carpet!!

He has become MUCH more social this week, waving at people, smiling and playing with other baby friends. It seems he has come out of his clingy stage thankfully!

Still our VERY happy guy :) He has an opinion now - but it makes him even more lovable!

The week started like this

To This - attempting to pull up

To this today - a proficient crawler :)

Our little kangaroo :)
Hop hop - we have the warm clothes out this week - winter is sure coming!

Cutey at her friend Lily's birthday party

They love playing together in the bath

Piano Man

Genna was very proud of spotting this Kookaburra at the park, and she got quite close!
Tired man fell asleep with his bread stick (it's a hard teething one) ahhhhh

Crazy Hair day at school, Genna asked her teacher for 'rainbow'

She was SOOOOOO happy with it! Cried when I washed it off that night

We had a nice lunch outing last week - Max enjoyed playing with his friend Stella (she's 1 day older than him)

And Genna had fun too - splashing around outside with the boys

Minnesota Girl :)
They have SUCH a great time together :)
And some pictures I forgot to post ages ago that Murray took - shopping for the passionfruit plants that will line one side of our back yard :)

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  1. Ohhhhhh I cherish the memories of Genna in that baby kanagaroo outfit and now Max is wearing it. XXOO
    I recall crying at the airport when we left Australia and wondering how we would be able to leave without our hearts breaking in two. Thank goodness for Skype and the Blog. Technology is our friend in this circumstance. Beautiful photos, precious videos, and moments to hold dear to our hearts. Cannot wait to see our babies. Travel safely and enjoy your tenth anniversary in Hawaii!! Love, Grandpa and Grandma