Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The leg :(

Last Friday morning - we went to gymnastics

You both had SO much fun (this is just them waiting outside the gates before the class)

Later that afternoon we went to the park. This was just before we went to the slides. Genna went down, then I went down next with Max between my legs. His shoe caught on the slide and my body weight kept us going. He cried but stopped after a bit so we went home for a nap. But when he woke up he couldn't put weight on it without crying, so we went to the hospital.
It was a long wait that night, so the next morning after xrays he was exhausted and took a nap in his stroller while we waited for the ER doctor to put on a temporary cast.

The temp cast (backslab with bandages technically...) Poor baby :(

I can still play though!! Dump the clips out, put them back in - my favorite

A few days later we got in to see the Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon and he had a hard cast put on - as pain relief and to keep the leg still so it can heal

Genna looks very serious here - but they were having a blast outside in the sun. The car is something that he can 'do' outside, even with his leg.

A few days later Grandma arrived - we were VERY VERY grateful for her help - and she brought along lovely presents & presents from Joni & Gigi (so much fun coloring this Joni!)
Sibling love. she was SO worried about him, but now is just glad he's ok and can't wait for him to get his 'big bandaid' off so he can take a bath with her again.

So sweet (and such good writing!)

He's still happy as ever though - has just adjusted to having the cast. HOPEFULLY 2 weeks from Thursday he'll be healed enough to get it off. And we will NEVER be going on a slide together again, sigh :(


  1. Look at his smile!!! SUCH a trooper!! Glad Grandma is there to help. Genna is SO beautiful and such a smart girl with that writing!! Wow!
    Thanks for the updates!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni

  2. This to shall pass. He will heal just as fast as he is growing. Be strong my darling. Love you. GiGi