Tuesday, April 28, 2015

41 Weeks

Your milestones this week are you have started getting quite good at going from sitting to your tummy. You also scoot around the room backwards on your tummy, using mostly your arms but your knees a bit too.
The other thing though is that you have started rolling over to your tummy in bed. You only roll to the left and you get stuck and scream until I come and flip you over. Occasionally you have slept for a few hours on your tummy, but not often! You'll figure it out though, it's a normal stage (that hopefully will only last a few weeks!!). The only way I can get you to stop it (you roll immediately when I lay you down then scream!!!) is to lay your left shoulder against the side of the crib so when you roll you are kind of hugging the side, otherwise you do it over and over and over again!!

You're getting better at standing and holding onto things too. But you're still not steady and would fall over if we weren't right behind you. But OMG how cute is this outfit!!!

Cuddles with Dadda

Dadda with the kiddies :)
We took MacKenzie to Targona zoo - Genna was thrilled to touch a blue tongue lizard!

At the seal show - this is the first time Max really noticed the animals :)

I forgot Max's hat so he borrowed one from Genna:)

Taking a rest riding with Max
He loves it

He had the dummy (nuk) in because he was getting very tired and we were working out way out of the zoo to the car so he could nap (won't nap in the stroller anymore!)

MacKenzie & Genna

Her new stuffed elephant - she was THRILLED (a big Mama elephant to go with the 2 baby elephant toys she has at home)

On the cable car heading back up to the entrance!

flashback!! Genna at 34 weeks

Genna at 4 years 9 months
We spotted this koala down in the gift shop by the ferry (it used to be at the entrance!) so I had to get another shot - wow has time flown!!

Tired baby having cuddles with Dadda

It's rare to have Max this calm to be cuddled - very nice :)
Back at home playing with his favourite thing - balloons!!!

He has figured out how to hold onto it with his feet so he can bang on it with his hands - very clever :)
Genna requested I make a video of just her singing too :)
Starting to get his knees under him occasionally, getting the idea!

Sneaky shot in his bed with Baba ahhhh

He is LOVING broccoli like his big sister - he sucks on it like it's a lollipop - yummm!
All dressed up for the 'Lah Lah's Big Live Band' show at the RSL

With her friend Alannah at the show
I had to post this for Grandma Sally - the song Lola likes to dance :)

Playing with MacKenzie - Genna was doing her hair :)

I spent much of last week like this - holding Max when he woke early from a nap and was screaming because he was still exhausted. He was happy to snuggle in with me - precious

Getting much better at tummy time


He pretty much will eat what we eat now - getting quite the repertoire!
Dress up time!

Drawing time - she traced herself on a big piece of paper then colored it in

Sibling cuddles

LOTS of love there

Jamming in her pjs
We stopped by a stuffed animal shop when we went out to lunch the other day and they had these displays which Genna loved

The Australian display - pretty cool!

After lunch we went to the park - Max likes poking at the grass and leaves (and surprisingly doesn't try to eat it very often!)

First taste of paddle pop :) He had a lick of my paddle pop (chocolate ice cream fudgsicle like bar). He loved it of course but was shocked by how cold it was!

He has been practicing this a LOT - going from sitting forward to tummy - usually trying to grab something. I think crawling is weeks away!


  1. Genna's getting so long-legged!! And keeps getting prettier!! And Max in that Adidas workout suit.....TOO DARLING! Thanks for sharing!!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. Such a fun filled blog. We are counting down the days, hours and minutes until you arrive home! Loved the singing and the balloon fest! I bet Genna will miss McKenzie when she goes on the next leg of her journey. Stay happy and healthy!
    Love you, Grandpa and Grandma