Thursday, April 16, 2015

9 Months / 40 Weeks

Hey I'm 9 Months old!

Still drooly as ever :) But it's a good excuse to wear cute bibs!

6 teeth and super fluffy hair

and LOTS of personality!

My big toothy smile!
He LOVES ripping things up!

SO much fun :)

Waving goodnight to Mama

Just this week you have started reaching forward (for toys) far enough that you go down onto your tummy! One of the skills needed for crawling!

Sunday we went to Balmoral beach

It was the first time I let you play in the sand - but you spent most of your time just chewing on beach toys.

Genna & Helen down at the water collecting shells

We're building a sand castle!

It's finished! And Genna's all dressed up to go splash in the water a bit (she insisted on wearing her new swimming outfit even though the water is way too cold to actually swim)

You guys have the BEST time in the bath together

The new fun thing is both of you banging your legs up and down so water splashes - you think it's hilarious

My sister is SOOOO funny!

Just this week you have started feeling textures in your books with 1 finger as well - you LOVE books :)

Your friend Sophia stopped by one morning to say hello - you loved seeing her

We also made our way down to Freshwater beach this week - you had fun playing with Kameko

Max had fun digging his hands into the wet sand

We stayed in the shad while everyone else was busy playing

Very proud she filled 4 buckets with sand and a toy on top - fun!
Yesterday we went into the city with Selina, Amelia, Clara & MacKenzie - I LOVE this pic of us by the Opera House!!
Posing with MacKenzie (a few days ago Dadda was reading Genna a short version of Lady & the Tramp before bed. The story is basically they met, they played, they fell in love. She said 'Dadda, I fell in love too, with MacKenzie :)

Genna going up and down the man Opera House stairs

Cuddle picture. He's been a BIG cuddler this week - I LOVE it
Max at twilight

Fake smile for the camera - ha ha

9.6 kilos this week (21 pounds) !
Squealing with Genna
Dancing with Genna


  1. I'm practically hysterical looking at the toothy grin (could there be ANYTHING more fun?!?!)...then I see Genna and Helen posing at the beach (two cuties)... then I'm thrilled to see the milestone (same amount of weeks inside as outside) 40 weeker wearing Minnesota Vikings attire...BUT...the pièce de résistance was the dancing video with Genna. Watching him chair-dance with his sister (pausing for the ever important chunk of food) was the best video ever!!
    Thanks for the joy!
    G.A. Joni

  2. Love the toe pointing down! Max is beautiful and always so smiley, his blonde hair is gorgeous, Gena the dancer was great, love the blogs, keep them coming. GiGi

  3. Thanks for all the photos and captions of your precious memories. I love to hear your laughter in the filming and it is so nice to see you in a few photos with the children;loved the Opera House picture with the three of you! I had to laugh when I hear the screaming chatter between siblings as Max was in his jumper. It sounded like parrots and I had to giggle when he would anticipate Genna's return call to him. : ) Fun to see Genna dancing and Max bouncing along with her. Great times, sweet memories, times to cherish! Counting down the days until you are in Minnesota!

    Love you, Grandma and Grandpa