Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 41

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 41 weeks old!
Getting a photo of you laying on k-bear just isn't happening anymore -
even with a rice cracker bribe!

So I think we'll start taking standing photos instead

This week we went to a 'kinder animal farm' at a local mall to check out the animals - you liked the piggies!

The lambs and goats were cute too - one goat tried to nibble your fingers!

Daddy put in some baby proofing measures this week too - you are still fascinated with the gate that blocks the entrance to the kitchen. It's just for when I'm cooking - just in case!

You especially loved the box though

Having fun with Daddy

We did a bit of grocery shopping on Saturday evening - exciting stuff!

Then when we got home I let you have a bit of airing out time (nappy/diaper free)

You went absolutely crazy - squealing and crawling around like a crazy lady and piddling all over the place like a little puppy!

We also went to Wagamamas at King Street Wharf for lunch

I LOVE the free kids meals they do - so nice! You liked the chicken, the rice noodles, the carrots and the pieces of spinach!

Daddy's Yaki Udon meal - yummmmmm

Then we went to the Sydney Aquarium

You loved watching the fish

Amazing leafy seadragons

and the penguins!

You, Me & a mermaid made of legos

The Dugongs were really cool (also known as a Manatee)

You were soaking it ALL in - so much to look at

Daddy & Genna next to a giant lego whale and in front of an amazing lego mural!

Waiting patiently

Well, just for a second until it's climbing time

You also have really become adamant about what you do and don't want this week. When you see the remote, and I quickly hide it behind a pillow, you still reach for it and start yelling because you still want it! You also now throw any food you don't want on the floor and push away your drink or food if you don't want it!

We tried a few new foods this week - one of which was sardines. I mashed it up really fine and put it in some veggies with cheese and you loved it! OMG it smelled terrible though - I am NOT a fan - but it's good brain food so it's good for you.

This week you had a Huge milestone - Thursday night while I was getting your bath ready I handed you an empty bath soap bottle that you love and I noticed you were standing chewing on it without holding onto anything!!! Since then you have let go and balanced on your own quite a few times - so exciting!

Your first day care craft - very cute

A bit of any chasing :)

Lots of Love,


  1. Kevin and Grandma Sis are oh so proud that you're eating sardines!!! Yikes! What's next?! Lutefisk?!?!?!?!

  2. Oo! Ooo! I know what's next!
    Great Aunt Jani

  3. Happy Easter, Dear Ones! Wishing you a blessed and memorable Easter. Give our little Easter bunny a big kiss from us. We are counting down the days until you are home with us in Minnesota.
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa