Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 39

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 39 weeks old!

We took a nice trip to the zoo with Daddy - you practiced your stretches after lunch

and then you went to check out the ducks - you LOVE looking at birds

Saying Hello to the ducks

we also went to see the Mama gorilla holding the new baby gorilla - he was SO cute!

The male was really big

Wow was he HUGE - check out those shoulders!

Such an AMAZING view of Sydney Harbour from the zoo!

Looking for penguins with Daddy

Where are those penguins?

Ah there's one !!

Saying Hello to the elephants with Daddy

All dressed up for St. Patrick's Day in her cute outfit from Grandma

and a final goodbye to the giraffes

We had a really fun day and you really enjoyed seeing all the animals !

Daddy came along to swimming this week too and took some pictures of you & Lennox!

swim swim swim

You even had the backboard on this week - helps you 'swim' on your own

they taste nice too apparently

Getting ready to do 'humpty dumpty' - when he 'has a great fall' you come down into the water

kick kick kick

you have great sitting balance at the side of the pool now

Lennox saying Hello

WOW a bar to hold on to - YAY!

swimming lady - you have had fun but....

... you do NOT enjoy going underwater anymore. I think it's because you understand now - when I say '1,2,3, wheeee' you close your eyes, but then scream because you don't want to go under. I don't make you, as I don't want swimming to become something you don't enjoy.

you LOVED slapping the mat with your hands this weeks - you joined in with the splashing too - good fun!

this was new - going under the watering can - just on your legs - this is your 'this is weird' face

You LOVED reaching for the ball

It was a fun lesson - fun to have Daddy there and you really were aware of the other kids this time - it was fun to splash and towards the end you were screaming with delight!

This weekend we also went to Zephyr's 3rd birthday party - the theme was 'pink & blue' - thus why all 3 of us have pink & blue on :)

The amazing cake Cassie made for Zephyr

You & Aunty Helen

Zephyr having a really fun swing with Helen!

The birthday boy blowing out his candles

Later on we decided to take a dip in the water cause it was so warm

You had fun splashing and getting your dress all wet
Such a great party - really fun and such a gorgeous day!

We also made it out to the beach this weekend - and you immediately crawled to the stroller and 'walked' around it - you are obsessed with climbing on your stroller lately!

You also are nearly balancing on your own now - you like to stand only holding on with 1 hand and have started to let go and balance for a few seconds

Playing with Daddy

Studying the birds - you actually look up when we just say the word 'birdies' now - cute :)

Showing Daddy your toy

Chillin' at the beach enjoying the view

Puffy marshmellow feet :)

Daddy & Genevieve

Happy Happy Lady :) You look SO grown up with teeth!!

Lots of Love


  1. I see another Aussie Olympic swimmer !!
    Glad to see you all are well. Great snaps.

  2. Nice to see the family portrait of the three of you at the Beach Party. Genna looks darling in everything. So cute to see those little front teeth in that close up of her in the winter hat. We anxiously await your visit in Minnesota.
    Love, Grandma

  3. That's so funny - the (just over 1 year old) daughter of some friends of ours has the same green 'Irish' outfit (she's a St Patrick's Day baby!). Very cute! Love all the pics of Genna at the beach - whow wouldn't love it! :)

  4. These are absolutely the cutest pictures YET!! I so love the one with Genna and Daddy, where they are facing away and Genna has her little hand on Daddy's shoulder. Precious!! Thanks again for sharing! I look forward to this every week!!
    Great Auntie Jani
    P.S. the waving at the duckies video makes me laugh!

  5. Okay... the cuddling photo while swimming is incredibly precious! Bravo Murray!!!
    Love, Joni