Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 38

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 38 weeks old

You constantly have your finger in your mouth this week - there must be more teeth on the way!

Today I spotted your 5th tooth that just broke through the skin - you can JUST see it here (click on the photo to make it bigger) - just to our right of your front teeth.

This week you tried 'real' day care for the first time. You weren't thrilled and refused to sleep there, but I just know you will make great friends and have lots of fun. We'll try again next week for a few hours until you get used it :)

Your BIG milestone this week was perfecting how to clap - now that you really know how to do it you clap ALL the time :)

You also started waving to anyone and everyone this week - you LOVE to wave!

We went out to lunch this weekend to celebrate Daddy's birthday - you got all messy with the avocado (the birds were going crazy under your chair eating up all the bits you dropped!)

You and Daddy waited patiently while I got Ben and Jerry's ice cream for us - yummmm

Later down by the beach the weather turned a bit darker - but we still had a nice view of the beach

'Oh look - the ocean!'

Today you and I went into the city to meet a friend for coffee. You looked so cute in your new jeans and you loved having a little chew on my water bottle.

You are sitting in the bath on your own now (with me close by of course:) Now that we have a better bath mat you don't slip and slide all over the place. You love moving around and playing with all your bath toys. I love your fluffy fluffy hair!

You are such a happy lady - I love those wide grins

Showing off your cute St. Patrick's Day t-shirt from Grandma

You have started making clicking noises using your tongue - just as of today - I love it - so funny!

This is kind of a random video but I like your 'talking' in it

We have come to understand this week just how sensitive your stomach is - a little bit of pasta at daycare and you were up every few hours in the night with a sorry tummy. I've been told it's a normal phase and you should be able to tolerate more food after you turn one. But even after a rough rough night I'm always cheered up by your happy smiling self - you are my sunshine:)


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  1. Love that "Patty Cake" and the "Wave." Also, I thought I heard, "Mom,Mom,Mom" in that last video clip. Very sweet!

    Good thing you have several months to ease Genevieve into the daycare a little at a time. Nobody said being a young mom is easy; we all remember that first heart breaking time of leaving our baby with someone else for the first time. It will get better!
    Love, Grandma