Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 35

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 35 weeks old!
You received another gorgeous swimsuit from Great Grandma Sis - you really are the best dressed lady at the pool with all your fancy suits!! This week you were having SO much fun at swimming that I tried the arm bands again. We just put the half ones on so you could still bend your arms and you loved them! So fantastic since every time we have tried before you cried, so we gave up for awhile and just decided to enjoy getting used to the water for awhile instead - but now we are forging ahead with our swimming 'skills'

I rotate your toys every couple of days so you have 'new' stuff to play with that you haven't seen in awhile. I had to laugh when we had most of your toys out in one big pile to sort - from now on I'm calling you 'Genna no toys' - WOW!

You're still not sure about shoes but.......

These sandals from Great Grandma Sally sure are cute!

My 'little dear' - what a cutie - gosh you are getting SO big !!

At the grocery store you love sitting in your cart cover ...

... so many fun things to look at in the store and you have a few toys tied onto the cover as well!

the weekend before my 32nd birthday you and I went out to lunch with Aunty Helen

Check out those teeth!!! Your started cutting your third tooth this week! (top, middle)

I know it's not still valentines day, but this is just such a cute bib on you! You were so good, sitting in your stroller to eat your lunch at the cafe!

Just as we were about to leave it started pouring with rain, so we sat at the counter and played with magazines for a little while until the rain stopped. Such a lovely lunch at our favorite little deli!

My lovely b-day cupcakes from Helen - soooooooooo yummy

Back at home you had your first taste of shredded cheese as a finger food - difficult to pick up!

Back at home you had tons of fun playing with Daddy - this is your Monkey Head pose!!

you LOVE sitting on Daddy's head - just have to be careful of those swinging happy feet!

On the day of my birthday, after opening lovely pressies from Daddy, we headed into the city for lunch with our friend Steph at my favorite noodle bar - Wagamama's

They even brought a meal for you (free too!!) - I was able to choose the style of noodles I wanted for you and the meat - so I chose rice noodles and chicken - no sauce!

I broke it up into easy to eat pieces and you officially had first meal out at Waga's!

My gorgeous zucchini flower meal!

Later we took a break on the comfy sofas which are just your height at the new Westfields shopping centre. You are SO SO good at pulling up now - you just do it without a second thought and you know when you fall to balance your body and land on your bum - you never tip backwards anymore.

Hi Mama!

You were SO SO good on our day out - we had so much fun :)

Me and my baby on the Manly ferry

What a wonderful birthday :)

Lots of Love,


  1. Another banner week! So glad you ALL had fun on your birthday!!! Those cupcakes from Helen look DIVINE!!! Thanks for the photos and videos!
    G. Auntie Joni

  2. Dear Genevieve,
    Looks like you and your mother had a good time on her birthday! Cannot wait until you are both here to celebrate summer with us. I am counting down the days! Love you.