Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 37

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turn 37 weeks old!

A quick picture of you on your back to show how long you are!! It's hard to get as you ONLY want to pull to standing these days - even crawling is old news for you!

i love those lashes

You looked so cute all dressed up for my friend Steph's baby shower - but I had to give you your socks to hold for the photo too because you love standing holding onto something in one hand now.

You have JUST enough fluffy hair for these little velcro bows - so cute

I LOVE this photo!!!! you and me all dressed up

Showing off your top teeth!

Having a cuddle with Aunty Helen

The shower game prizes and the bottle of milk bottle candies for the 'guess how many' game

The cute little buggy candy boxes and napkins

And the fancy cupcakes Helen got for everyone - they are gorgeous and SOOOO yummy!

You were SO SO well behaved - you sat nicely in your high chair (we brought with your own cause they didn't have any) and you ate lunch and smeared avocado all over your face while we ate - such a good girl.

Helen's match the celebrity to their baby picture game - she had 4 guys and 4 girls, it was SO hard!!! I only got 2 right!

The glowing Mom to be Steph with part of the gift from us - not exactly a great thing to haul along to a restaurant - but it'll come in handy when baby arrives :)

Me & my baby

Catherine, Natalie & Steph with their cupcakes - we had such a lovely time!

And I also have some photos from last weekend from Helen's camera. Daddy & Genna down at the beach

Ohhhh a fun empty soft drink bottle!

Sometimes it's fun to suck lunch straight from the packet - yumm

You LOVE swinging like this in Daddy's arms!

It used to be that if I mixed zucchini with anything you'd eat it, now you are turning into Daddy's girl and preferring cheese mixed into your purees! Seems you both LOVE cheese!

You are now regularly babbling Dada and Baba and I just heard a Mama too!

And from this week - you in your other swimsuit from Nanna, always with a distraction of course - you love playing with my keys

We found a solution to you always bumping your head on our coffee table too - a duvet to cover the whole thing!!

In your cute flower hat and socks from Grandma

What Mama? I'm busy!!

This week you have got REALLY quick and proficient at furniture surfing - you can scoot along the sofa to something you want with little to no effort now.

But your BIG thing this week is imitating. When I point at things you will then point too, when I wave goodbye, so do you and the cutest was when I brushed your hair in the mirror then you grabbed it from me and tried to do it too!!! You also now take the spoon from me and put it in your mouth yourself sometimes - such a big girl!!

Lots of Love

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  1. Congratulations to Steph and our best wishes for the healthy baby soon to come!All the pictures are gorgeous- good to see the bows and hats on Genna; so cute! It was great Skyping with you and seeing Genevieve surfing the furniture and combing her own hair. Great-Grandma Sis was in awe,too! Have a wonderful March birthday weekend; enjoy the celebration. Happy Birthday to Murray!
    Love, Grandpa and Grandma.