Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 34

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 34 weeks old!
You took your first trip on the Manly Ferry into downtown Sydney this week - you loved looking at the all the people and standing on the seats!

You also discovered yourself in your little mirror this week - very cute

This monkey head is the top of a ring stacker - scary - but you love it!

You had a lot of fun playing with your friend Isla when she came for a visit too!


We also had some nice afternoons down at the beach - you LOVE these seed things that fall from the trees - it's all I can do to keep you from constantly crawling off of the picnic blanket and trying to eat them!!

So I decided to just let you play with a long one and work on 'no' for when you tried to eat it

Cutie Pie :)

You also wore your 'little black dress' this week

We also took your second trip to the zoo - this little baby monkey was SOOOOOO cute!!

You, Me & the monkey

You were fascinated that the monkey was so close to the glass!

We also enjoyed a bit of the bird show - you loved watching them fly overhead

Genna, Mommy & a HUGE Koala!

You had so much fun

Big girl - but you look SO tiny here!!

You and your friend Chloe having a ball!

You also were lent this amazing piano by your friends Clara & Amelia this week - it is a BIG BIG hit - you love it SO much!!!

This week is ALL about standing. You love love love to pull yourself up and can do it completely by yourself now!

34 weeks and you refuse to lay on your back now - you flip over and start crawling straight away - here you are grabbing K-Bear's nose!

Who me? I didn't do anything!


I caught you on camera napping this afternoon - so sweet - your thumb still in your mouth and your bunny nearby

You also extended your finger food repertoire this week to asparagus - a big hit!

You adore finger food - your favorite part of every meal

A good shot of your 2 teeth! I think more teeth are imminent - the last few days you have been pushing on your top gums with your fingers - must be sore.

Oh Hello Fishy

Another fabulous week with my little muffin :)
Love you Lots,


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these wonderful photos and videos!! Genna you are growing up to be such an amazing little girl! I thought the photo of looking at the mirror was the best, then I watched the video of her with the mirror and giving it Kisses!! Soooooooooo darling! Her happiness is direct proof of how great her parents are!! Love you! Auntie Jani

  2. Another darling blog! What a pleasure to see you two out and about at the beach and city; that zoo is such a treasure and so close to home for you. The piano playing is darling. Joni and Kevin will like the pink Harley Davidson pants, and I love the sleeping in the crib with the bunny, as well as the play and discovery time. Bravo. Miss you.
    Love, Grandma

  3. TEETH!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! The better to smile with (especially looking in the mirror)!
    Cannot WAIT to get kisses!!
    Love you too,