Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 36

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 36 weeks old!

You do not enjoy laying on your back anymore - so it seems like I never get a happy face for your K-Bear photo anymore!

But you LOVE your wipes case - anything black is exciting!! (that and the remote or any mobile phone is the absolute highlight of your day!)

Cutie Pie - you are such a happy girl - you did have a few sad moments this week though since your two front teeth broke through!!!

You have lots of 'BFF' (best friend forever) aunties :) such a lucky girl!

Loving your bear

You had a day where you crawled over to your jumper, reached for it and looked back at me, so I put you in and you LOVED it. You haven't been in it happily for a few weeks, so now I just go by your cues - when you crawl to it you are totally telling me 'I want in!!'

You also enjoyed a drink of water - you have LOVED drinking from this cup this week because it has a straw. You have worked it out quite quickly. However once and awhile you suck out too much and then it comes pouring out of your mouth like a fountain :)

You are OBSESSED with crawling under chairs -
it is absolutely your FAVORITE thing to do this week!!!

Hi Mama!

I have started going in the bath with you since you slip and slide so much trying to sit, stand, crawl, etc etc in the bath. You really enjoy this game - trying to catch the water droplets!

and this one, blowing bubbles!

You also had a great time with your Granddad and Nanna when they came to visit this weekend!
You showed them how you can now wave with an open hand and say sounds that sound like 'baba' and 'dada.'

Daddy is so silly always putting things on your head :)

You also had your first dip in the ocean this week (you have been in on the harbour side, but never on the ocean side). You just dipped your feet in with Daddy, but you were not a fan of the waves - scary!

You have been putting your fingers in your mouth a lot this week just to push on the gums - gosh they must be sore!

pretty pretty eyelashes

Fun on the ferry with Daddy

You are SO happy!!

We went to see the Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibition with Daddy, after you and I finished we went and played in the kids play area.

Silly bird!

Your other big milestone this week was starting to learn how to furniture surf!!!

love you lots & lots,


  1. Milestones galore this month for Genna! Won't be long until she is out world, here she comes. : ) Absolutely loved the furniture surfing...played the clip over and over.

    Love, Grandma

  2. I cannot get enough of Genna squealing!! She is soooooooooooooooo happy all the time! The eyelashes photo and her with Daddy at the ocean are my fav pics this time. The furniture surfing is the greatest video!! THanks for sharing!
    Great Auntie Jani
    P.S. Oh yeah! The auntie shirt is great too!!