Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas 2013

Stocking stuffers ready to open!

Christmas breakfast after stockings

Ready to EAT!

I made waffles :) Helen brought yummy fruit!

Dressed up and ready for presents!

Genna did a great job handing out gifts

I'll start!

Murray's amazing wrapping job for GrandDad

Pretty bow

Helping Nanna & GrandDad open presents

We went around and around the circle - she helped everyone open one gift, then moved to the next person

Hello Kitty pjs :)

GrandDad's new hat for bugs is SILLY :)

Ohhhhh Princess coloring book and tons of stickers - my favorite!!!

Lovely pic

Loving all her new books

YAY Peppa

LOVING her new chair :)

Oh WOW my own boat!!

And a new Princess tent - YAY!

Playing with Helen - SO fun !

The 2013 Christmas cake

Pretty and DELICIOUS!

Time to open up the gift from Marky and Amy

The setup!

The lovely set table for Christmas lunch

Gorgeous gingerbread house Helen brought (another lovely but also Delicious!!!)

And the gorgeous touches from Helen - fun crackers and gingerbread men

After lunch it was time to open the BIG gift from Santa

We're SO happy she loves it :)

Family pic in the afternoon

and silly faces :)

Time for a swim!

and the maiden voyage !

Cute :)


  1. Merry Christmas once again; Murray, wonderful job of capturing the magic of a holiday morning for Genna. Monique, what beautiful heart-shaped waffles for breakfast; how nice of you to be the hostess.Thank you for sharing your day with us! Peter once again made a lovely keepsake for Genna; these will be cherished gifts. Nice portraits of the Wood family. The pool after all of the festivities looked very inviting, too. Felt like we were there in spirit, as Genna and her doll were wearing part of the Christmas gifts we sent- the holiday child and doll dress. It has become a tradition for dolly to be included,too. Love and hugs across the miles.
    Grandpa and Grandma

  2. Best post EVER! Is there anything better than family and Christmas?! Oh yes there is! Genna getting her amazing dollhouse!! I absolutely LOVE the family photos! Thanks for the videos! Almost as good as being there! And one last question.....are you naming the boat "The Minnow 2"? :)
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  3. Best. Blog. Ever. So fun to watch Genna open all her gifts! The dollhouse is amazing!!! Loved the tour! And the Lucky Ducky boat is fantastic - Grandad should market that!! Thanks for the fun! Merry Christmas!
    G.A. Joni

  4. Oh...and the Gilligan's Island song at the end is the Pièce de résistance!!! Bravo, Professor Murray!

  5. Okay....after watching the blog videos for the 100th time, I must say I have 2 more favorite parts!! First, when you can hear "Grand Dad" and Murray's Merry Christmas smooch off camera (if only the entire world was that loving!!) AND when Genna casually finishes off Santa's plate of goodies!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani