Saturday, January 11, 2014

Other Christmas Misc.

At the shopping mall with Dadda

I like my Christmas reindeer antlers!

The week before Christmas Genna and I went with some friends to see a short version of the Nutcracker (and she decided to wear every necklace she owns:)

It was FANTASTIC! They had a dozen ballet students act out the story while the small orchestra played. We really really loved it!

And ice cream afterwards - yummm!

Just before Christmas Helen took me to a Christmas Concert at town hall - it was FAB!! We also loved the lights being project on the outside of the building.

Santa Genna :)

LOVING her Cinderella costume

This week Genna and I went to see the Wiggles exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum. This was a 3d stage with the wiggles singing and dancing - she LOVED it!

The exhibits were FUN!

She also loved the 'car ride' with the Wiggles

We also loved this interactive board where you could touch paint the drawing

We had to pop back into the exhibit because she wanted a photo with Dorothy the Dinosaur
Cuddles with Dadda back at home
AND the dress is back on, now including shoes too :)
The other day I made two big cheesecakes to bring to our neighbors and wish them Happy New Year
They both turned out quite nice, and the neighbors were thrilled :)
Happy lady in her new Peppa outfit :)
Genna and I made a banana cake - she was in charge of the sprinkles!
She was quite proud :)
Genevieve was thrilled when we spotted face painting at Bunnings!

She asked for 2 rainbows and a unicorn
Genna helping Dadda put up insulation in the garage - it REALLY helps keep the heat out of the house!
YAY new hair cliips - she LOVES them!
Lovely :)


  1. Another wonderful blog on the adventures and explorations of Miss Genna. Great Grandpa Clayton would have loved the accordian playing; Genna does have a musical core, no doubt! Fun to see the rainbow face painting and all of the sweet memories of good times and celebrations. Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs and Kisses, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Rapunzel is making room for Cinderella this year? My oh my! Even a purple, Cinderella purse from Auntie Julie! Glad the butterflies arrived in OZ,too. Looks like a lot of SUNSHINE days for Genevieve; good to see when we have been in a scene from the movie Frozen for months in Minnesota.
    Love you, Grandma and Grandpa

  3. LOVE the face painting! How did they get the glitter on?? And Monique, you are quite the chef!! Wish you were MY neighbor! :)
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  4. Jani the lady used a little puff paint sized bottle of glitter and 'puffed' the glitter on top of the paint - SO SO messy, but she loved it :)

  5. I spot a future model with those clips in her hair.
    Auntie riah