Monday, December 17, 2012

It's hot outside

Before all the drama - Mama & Dada at the movies - Gold Class style!!

 On Thursday evening we were playing hide and seek, and Genna got over excited and ran to the sofa, she lost her balance and fell off - stopping herself with her hand. When she put any pressure on it she cried in pain, so off to the hospital it was.
 Watching videos in the waiting room.

After being inspected by a nurse, we decided she was ok to go home and come back the next day for x-ray, etc. (she was flapping her arms around, so obviously wasn't in any urgent pain). We had a good night's sleep, then came back to see the doctor the next day - with 3 Babas in tow!

She fractured her arm bone, near the wrist. It's a bit like a compression break - you could see the bump on the side of her bone in the x-ray where the bone compressed down. Plaster cast for now, later this week we go back to see the specialist about how long she'll have a cast, and whether they can put a lighter one on.

Still in high spirits though :) Now that her cast has loosened up a bit she's back to doing just about everything - we just have to limit outside time as the cast gets VERY hot and uncomfortable.


  1. What a brave little girl, a cast always hurts especially with the arm swells. I am so glad you have a few days off, give her all my love and hope she heals very fast. What a lovely picture and the purse Santa is great. Love Great Gram

  2. Leave it to Genevieve to wear a cast with fashion finesse!!!
    Glad she's smiling!
    Love you,
    G.A. Joni

  3. Like mother like daughter...your first break was about the same time. Bones heal fast when they are little, thank goodness! Our love travels across the miles and you will be with us in our hearts this Christmas season. Wish we could be there to hold our sweet girl and cuddle. Give her our love! Grandpa and Grandma

  4. I broke my wrist last year and I was miserable.;) I wish I had G's happy spirit!! She's too cute.