Friday, February 22, 2013

Parties & Friends

First haircut at a hairdresser. You insisted on sitting on the chair by yourself. This is your serious looking at yourself in the mirror face :)

You did SO well - closed your eyes and held (fairly) still for the lady !

You love to paint - especially with your hands!

Princess stickers! Your favorite princess by far is Ariel - the little mermaid :) Although you like to remind me 'I have no tail Mama!'

And I finally got you to eat some fruit by letting you cut some shapes - fun!
I went to clean the pool filter basket and found this spider - a little, non dangerous one, but still - it freaks me out that a spider can just hang out under water!!!!

Last weekend was your friend Lucy's 3rd birthday party (Lucy is in the yellow towel). You LOVED the painting table!

You LOVED the pink :)

Up at the party tables - you loved the cake pops!

Next up was the game 'pass the parcel' (that's Lucy on your left)
What am I supposed to do with this?
The music stopped when you had the parcel - so you got to take off a layer of paper first!
You got a cute snap bracelet and a box of smarties (like M&MS) - you dug straight into those!
It was a fun game :) (everyone is in swimsuits because of the waterslide - it was all a bit too wild for you though)
You LOVED trying our Lucy's trampoline though!!
That evening we went to your friend Louisa's house for dinner - you guys had a good time in her room pretending to ride the bicycle together
Someone with cute curls was trying to join in!!
I'm driving!!!
They did this for HOURS!

Then it was time to relax a bit with some Peppa Pig on tv :)

Then everyone got yummmm burgers - even the girls had cute mini versions!

Next time for a bath - first I'll wash you Genevieve

Then I'll brush you!

Friends :)

Can I join you?

Three is a party!

How CUTE are they together in their pjs !!!

While bath time was concluding - Rita made us this awesome dessert !!

Earlier this week Genna spotted the lollipop she got at Lucy's party hidden in the car - so I had to let her have a few licks :)


She always INSISTS she must help me when I'm cleaning too - works for me! I was just pointing out what she should vacuum up :)

Last weekend for the first time you caught a ball! We've been working on teaching you how to clasp your arms together when a ball comes to you for awhile, but usually you would do it after the ball had bounced off of you :) However that day Helen threw you a giant beach ball and you caught it - over and over! Very exciting!

On our morning commutes I have started teaching you a few words. This week I would say 'Look Genna - there are SO many cars!' and you responded 'Lots traffic!' :)
We also noted that the man on the motorbike had something on his head. I asked you do you remember what that's called? You put your pointer finger to your lips and flicked them while saying hmmmmmm. I reminded you it was called a helmet and you repeated it over and over! So sweet - it's fun to see you learning and expanding your vocabulary every day!

We were also talking about how the sky was dark and that meant rain was coming. I explained how rain comes from the clouds - you told me yes road get wet! We talked about how the grass gets wet too and it makes it grow because grass drinks water - you LOVED that - that grass drinks water!!

Last week you decided to be a bit cheeky at bedtime. You'd stand up in the corner of your bed as I said
Genna it's time for bed
Because you're tired
Because it's bedtime
Eventually I just kissed you and said goodnight - sleep well, and closed the door. You stood in your bed until I left with a big smile on your face saying WHY WHY WHY?
You did lay down as soon as I left though (love the video monitor!) and went to sleep. I had to keep myself from laughing - the whole thing was quite funny.

Night 4 of this though, and a Friday when we were both really tired, as you started with your WHY? I said Genna I'm just not in the mood for this tonight, please go to sleep. You said ohhhhhhhhhhhh and went right down to sleep :)

You have a GREAT friend at daycare (or school as we call it now). Her name is Poppy. When you arrive in the morning you look for her and she looks for you and you run off to play (without a backwards glance)! This morning you were first to arrive, when Poppy arrived she was a bit weepy, not wanting her Mom to leave. You ran over to her and we suggested the two of you go play with the baby dolls - Poppy took one look at you, hopped down and ran off with you to play! You tell me when I pick you up 'Poppy go on playground with me, go on slide, say wait your turn Poppy. Go together - fun!!!' You two eat lunch together, you hold hands and walk around - it is seriously the cutest thing ever :) Your teachers tell me though that you have a whole group of girl friends - there are 6 of you who play together and just have the best time together!

Yesterday you sneezed all over my mobile (cell phone). I said that's gross Genna - please cover your nose with your hand before you sneeze. You looked at me with a helpful face and raised eyebrows and asked 'I lick it off?' Ummmm no thanks :)

At the shopping mall the other day you were pushing 2 Babas (your bunnies) and your little elephant (Ellie) in your tiny stroller. A lady in one of the shops said oh that's so cute - are you a good Mama to your bunnies? You answered 'No I not a Mama - I a big girl!'

Lately you have started asking me Why just once as well - because you genuinely want to know! I answer you as completely as I can - and most of the times that satisfies you!

We are just LOVING this age! You are so inquisitive and sweet and loving - just a wonderful little girl :)


  1. Such wonderful photos and delightful stories! It's so fun to see her grow and mature right before your very eyes!!!
    Love you! August cannot come soon enough!!

    G.A. Joni

  2. Oh so many wonderful things in this blog!! Haircuts and girlfriends and trampolines! So fun to see and read!
    I remember oh-too-well those inquisitive trick was to turn the question around, such as "Why do YOU think the ____?" You'll be surprised how much they really know!
    Thanks for making my day brighter!!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  3. So wonderful to see the next stage of play- sharing and having friends. What a big party for a three year old; must be a very patient mother.
    Great photos of Genevieve and her buddies; fabulous details of our sweet girl's progression of thought and speech. We are so proud of her.
    Love you, Grandpa and Grandma

  4. ...could've lived without the spider photo tho.