Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Gennaisms

Dressed up for the Peppa show
Ready for swimming lessons - first time she agreed to wear her goggles

And swimming cap! That's her with the teacher getting the goggles on comfortably

Tonight Genna asked me for some money to put in her piggy bank so she could 'make a wish.'
I found 3 coins - her wishes:
1. I wish I could be a REAL Princess
2. I wish Mama and Dadda could go on a holiday (I swear this is what she said, I was trying not to laugh out loud!)
3. I wish I could stay up all day (I think she meant all night)

SO sweet :)

Tonight before bath she told me 'The sea witch it going to turn you into a Mermaid so I can stay here with Dadda by myself'.

She's QUITE the Dadda's girl

She also told him she wants to marry him and constantly tells me Dadda is her best friend :)

The other day he asked her to help water the bushes outside, he told her to walk up and down with the hose, so the bushes would all get watered. She said 'Oh Dadda, you make me work SO hard!' ha ha

Coming back from the beach this weekend, she was SO exhausted from a fun afternoon

We thought she looked cute sleeping :)

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  1. Sleeping Beauty and her Gennaisms...better than Brothers Grimm Tales for Young and Old, without a question. Love hearing Genna's joyous accounts of Santa coming down the chimney at her house and how she will leave milk and cookies for him and a carrot for Rudolph. Plus, her Chrisitmas caroling was precious.
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa