Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Big Move & Settling In

Early sunrise in Manly - we stayed our last 2 nights there, gorgeous gorgeous view

Max loved the cockatoos on the balcony too!

10 checked bags, 4 carry ons, stroller and carseat - we were like a circus show lol!
Ready to go with his teddy and bag of toys!

And we're ready to go!

The flight was uneventful :) They didn't sleep very much, but that's typical for a flight that leaves at 10am!

We arrived SO exhausted but with all our bags & a furnished apartment which was lovely :)

Happy with our 'big truck'

And Baba's of course!
Fun carts at our local grocery store!

And fun pool toys!

Our complex has a fantastic pool - they really love it

They also like swimming in the 'hot one' to warm up :)
Another fun cart!! I refuse to use this one again though - makes the cart too long and it's SO hard to turn!

Cracked open my personalized vegemite for Genna's toast! Thanks Helen :)
Thrilled to have aunty Mariah visit!

And we got to meet new cousin Oscar YAY!!!

Holding hands with Veronica

4 cousins & Aunt Mariah :)

The next day we went to the Safari Park!

1st ride

Second ride


We had a great time :) :)

Time for more cuddles - she loves holding Oscar

Setting up his car track

Cousins :)

Max was thrilled to get to hold 'the baby' like a 'big boy' too :)

He fell asleep on my shoulder so I got some nice fuzzy head cuddles

We had SUCH a nice visit with Marcus, Amy, Veronica, Oscar & Mariah :)

Exploring a new park -this climbing wall was perfect for Max's size - he went up a million times!

Busy with their 3D chalk from Mariah outside


At our local library - they have a fantastic kids section

A few toys too!

And just down the road is this playground with an awesome view

It's a bubbles kind of day!

Our next visitors were Kevin & Joni - Max appreciated the shoulder ride from Kevin at the zoo!

The next day we went to the Corvette Cafe. So much fun (check out Genna's straw hair decorations) - great food too!)

Kid's milk came with a lid with sprinkles on it - Max was in heaven

We were in the black light decorated room. Even the table worked when you put the light from your phone on it you could draw on it!
We had a GREAT visit with Joni & Kevin. Lovely lovely to see them :)

It took us weeks, but we finally found a store where the kids could get fitted for shoes. Genna was thrilled with her first ever Nike's!

SO cute

And more pool time - we keep busy :)

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