Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And von and voo

Last night I was trying to get to sleep & thinking 'gosh what a boring blog post, I swear there was something intersting I was going to say...??'
Then I remembered this morning, the gym.

Last night I attended Body Pump (a weights class set to music). I hadn't been to this particular time/location before - so I had never had this instructor. I have been doing this class for YEARS.... so I know the moves inside out. Therefore, it's the instuctor who makes the class FUN or totally boring.

Last night was FUN!!!!!!!!! And I'm so glad, cause last time I went to Pump, it made me never want to go again (because the instructor was awful!! totally off the beat, boring and he had the music down WAY too low).

Last night - the instructor was PUMPED! He was yelling & jumping around & got us all excited to exercise! I *think* he is German - because as he counted you could pick up a bit of an accent 'and von, and voo and vee' (1,2,3).....

I actually laughed out loud at one point when he yelled 'Come vooooon people, von more time!!'
ha ha

It was great though - the music was loud, he kept pushing us to do 'von more rep - voo can do it!!!' and last night was the first time I did the class to the new 'release' (a few times a year they change up the routines slightly to new music - Britney & Pink made it FUN!)
This is what I like about the gym - when it's fun!!

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  1. "Vell Vee Dried to call You Dis Veekend, but no luck." Glad to hear Aerobics is fun for you. Remember Hans and Franz, "Vee are here to pump you up!"

    Our Labor Day was very calm; the weather was absolutely beautiful. Brock is taking us to Dog Training courses for 6 weeks starting September 21. Not sure if Dad and I can be trained. : ) Love you, Mom