Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where's my dust mask?

This morning we woke up and the sky was literally orange!!!! This is the view from our balcony

So I turned the news on to see what the heck was going on!

(I didn't take these last 3 photos...) But apparently this dust blew up from South Australia - it is very fine red/orange dust that just shows how dry this country is!

This is the biggest dust storm a big Australian city has EVER seen! Apparently last time they had a dust storm in Sydney was 1942 - and it wasn't this bad!

Bondi Beach this morning - WOW!

The visibility driving to work wasn't too bad - but the whole sky was orange & cloudy! It lasted until late afternoon, before finally clearing up and moving on to Queensland with the wind. My chest was a bit tight from breathing it in on the drive, but thankfully the work air filters were working overtime today, so it wasn't bad at work. How completely bizarre!


  1. Ahhh, the old Dust Storm! I think you've found one thing I don't miss! These are more frequent in the country and were a feature of my childhood. Mum used to go mental because it made our pool water brownish.

  2. The news had photos of Sydney and Manly Beach covered in orange dust this morning. How bizarre...did you have any warning from the weather stations that this dust storm was coming your way? Not good for Murray and your allergies. Take care. Love, Mom

  3. Yikes!! And this is common? Sounds to me like you need to invest in some good ol' 3M dust masks and keep them handy at home and in your car! At least the photos are really cool!! :O)
    Love and miss you,
    Aunt Jani
    P.S. I got my birthday card ON MY BIRTH DATE!! How'd you plan that so perfectly??!!

  4. Hey Mo!! AOL had 21 photos on their news site today of your dust storm on Sept. 23rd. They all look like yours!!
    Aunt Jani

  5. That is so crazy!!! I have never seen anything like it, it reminds me of wearing night vision goggles only instead of it being green, its orange! How weird!