Saturday, October 3, 2009


Last Friday we flew to Melbourne.
That evening we made our way to Federation Square to find some dinner.

Later we ended up in Flinders Lane at a cute cafe with great live music and a nice warm heat lamp!

Next morning I took a rest on this wombat after a lovely chai tea for breakfast at Starbucks!

Old & new

I love the trams - it makes the city look so European!

Back in the Flinders Lane area - gorgeous signs & street lamps (notice the people in the scarfs - the AFL final was on in Melbourne on Saturday (that's Australia Football League) thus the fans were EVERYWHERE!)

SO Cute! I love this area

The SBS building in Federation Square is quite unusual looking!

I think it's lovely that the horses & carriages share the streets with the trams

Me waiting for the tram that would take us to Chapel Street

Cute old golden retriever we saw while shopping on Chapel Street

It was a bit of a miserable day - but the shopping was still good!

Towards the end of the street there was some QUITE unusual shops - check out this window display?? huh?


We stopped for lunch at JUST the right time


Back at the hotel, after dinner in Lygon Street (the Italian area) we had to laugh that the person who cleaned our hotel room didn't dispose of Murray's half eaten cookie from the night before - ha! How bizarre!

Sunday morning when we moved to another hotel (for our work conference Monday & Tuesday) Murray was THRILLED to see this menu!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh :) The pillows were so hard at the last place, Murray actually bought one at on Chapel Street so he could get some sleep - ha ha. Not necessary at this place!!

We also had quite a nice view from our new hotel.

We spent Sunday inside a shopping mall and it was Lovely! Nice to just take the time to browse:)
On the tram we got a good view of Melbourne's ferris wheel (similar size to the London Eye) - the story we heard is that they built the circle nearly to completion then it didn't match up!!! So they had to start all over again! A US firm....

This cupckae is bigger than my head!

Would be a cool b-day cake!!

Ohhhhh red velvet YUMM

We also made our way over the the casino one evening and Murray doubled his money on the slots!!!! - Granted the winnings all came out in one dollar coins............

That's 20 coins! Not bad since we put in $10 for the two of us to play with!

The 2 day 'welcome' conference for the company we both work for was very interesting. Also great that we both just passed our 6 month 'probation period' - now we are officially both employees - that's a nice feeling:)


  1. Looks like a fun trip. What's the name of the hotel with the slumber menu? I love that!

  2. It's the Crowne Plaza :) We didn't even need the menu either - the standard in room pillows were HEAVEN! So hard to get up in the morning!

  3. That's really cool about the pillows - even if you didn't order a special one.
    Great pics - and congratulations about passing 6 months (I passed too!).