Friday, October 16, 2009

Comfort Food - USA style

Wednesday night I went to South restaurant in Neutral Bay with my American friends

My main meal was a pulled pork sandwich, yummy bbq sauce, a pickle (proper dill which made me happy!) and shoestring fries - very nice! (but are you kidding me on the size of that bbq sauce serving though? Of course I had to ask for another one. I'd just prefer if they put a bottle of the stuff on the table so I can drown my sandwich AND fries in it!)

And how could I resist pumpkin pie for dessert! It was lovely, but why oh why did they make it with a crumb crust? It just tasted odd and kinda soggy! But the filling was lovely (even better reheated the next day.....)

Laura, Me & Megan

It was a lovely night - nice to catch up with friends. The food was good, but like Laura said, not quite as good as the real thing. I'd definitely go there again though. It's a cute little place - only 7 tables - so you HAVE to book - but it's totally worth it for a bit of USA soul food:)


  1. Aren't we some good looking ladies? ;) xo - Meg

  2. Oh, this makes me soooooo jealous. Nothing like that here in Brussels!

    Remember Bodean's in Fulham? I loved that they had "Carolina" (spicy vinegar-based) BBQ sauce on the tables. The first time we went in there and I saw it, I almost started crying.

    When our waitress brought the food and started telling us about the sauces, I stopped her when she got to the Carolina one. I said something like "You don't need to tell us about this one. We're from North Carolina. We know exactly what that is and I actually would like to give the owner of this place a big fat kiss for recognizing Carolina-style BBQ. God bless him."


  3. Oh yay! It looks like you had a fun night! That bbq pork sandwich looks pretty close to the real thing!

  4. I will have to tell Sue that you met up with her niece, Laura. Looks like you are having a really good time. Love you, Mo. In six weeks we will be sitting at a table with you, too. I cannot wait, Love, Mom