Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Minnesota in Sydney

This cracks me up!
Someone used a photo of a 'city in the US state of Minnesota' in a NSW (New South Wales) government advertisment. Click here to see the article.

What do you think - is it Minneapolis?

"Equally embarrassing was an admission it sourced images of a city in the US state of Minnesota for use in the campaign to boast about the Government's infrastructure investment - in NSW."

HA - that is too funny!


  1. NSW Government...............don't get me started

  2. I know every city in Minnesota very well and I don't recognize any of those buildings. I think it's even worse, it could be a picture of Auckland :-)

  3. That's hilarious! Well, we all know Minneapolis is a model city... - Megan

  4. It doesn't look like Auckland and that's coming from an Aucklander and living here ain't that bad... http://bwnt.businessweek.com/interactive_reports/livable_cities_worldwide/
    The pavlova is ours!!!!