Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bond Party

Nat "You can just call me Miss Anders", Matt "Damn straight I'm a Baron" Steph "I chose this character because I always had a thing for the name Stavro", Murray "I run SPECTRE, what have you done lately?" and Monique " my other name is Jill and I knew a man with a Golden touch"!

The two Ernst Blofeld's - Murray won the overall costume competition with his all out efforts costume wise!

Aren't we a lovely couple? I especially love the cat:)

Steph went to SUCH a huge effort with the food - everything had a Bond theme.
'The man with the golden dim sum', 'Dr. No name prawns', 'Fish Finger' and 'Octopus-E'

The pies were lovely!

One of our favorites!

Matt & Steph - our lovely hosts

The boys - notice the cute cat too - he purred and meowed and moved his little paws - very funny!

Had to show off my new gold heels!

The funniest part? Murray borrowed this from Manly Library. When he went in they gave it to him without requesting any sort of id and then said ' we used to have a niceer one, but someone took it and never brought it back' DUH that's why you should take down their details!!! Oh well - we brought it back the next day:)

Not exactly pc - but fun - we had wheel chair races around their very large flat!

Then it was time for dessert

And leftovers:)

A FUN night - we love dress up (fancy dress as it's called here) parties!

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  1. Always read your blog but never comment. Had to say the bit about the council and the wheelchair is hilarious.