Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sleep Over!

Had a lovely sleepover with Selina & her girls last night. When I got there the girls had just gone to bed, so Selina & I sat & chatted & had dinner. It was great to catch up. Also we watched that show Flash Forward - very interesting concept I must say!

It was lovely to wake up in the morning with two cute little girls standing by my bedside - they are so darn cute. I swear Clara said Good Morning Meek - or something like that. Her vocabulary expands every time I see her - but sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what she's trying to convey. That big grin gets me every time though! And Amelia's is such a sweetheart - showing 'Aunty Mo' her new book and playing a bit of hop scotch (it's hard to hop on one leg at 7 am that's for sure). Lovely lovely visit, and so convenient for work today - my drive was half the time it normally is to this office - fantastic!

And how could I forget - best news is that I didn't get lost!!! Last time I drove to Selina's I think I called Steve about 5 times. This time I got there JUST fine YAY. And managed to get to work the next day no worries - granted that was really only 1 road, but I'm happy I am getting more confident with my driving:)

I will post the Ocean World post later this week - better to spread out the photo posts because I didn't take ANY last weekend - oops!

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