Thursday, October 15, 2009

Harbour Bridge

Last Saturday evening we went to see Cate Blanchett in A Streetcar Named Desire

On the way to the theatre we saw this interesting 'art' in the middle of a roundabout

The crushed car with the harbour bridge in the background - quite striking I think!

The Opera House at night - on our walk back to our car.

The play - it was good. VERY long, and quite a depressing story line, but the acting was excellent and the stage/costumes/accents were great. We quite enjoyed it. Lovely to have a night at the theatre!

The only bummer of the evening was that we tried to go to an Italian restaurant Helen highly recommended, but they only let you book a table if you have 4 or more people, so we just showed up and it was packed - no room for us:( Oh well, next time we will just have to go earlier I guess. We did find another Italian place that was ok, but the guy got confused when Murray ordered an antipasto dish for his main, and instead brought that plus two mains when we had only ordered one. Oh well, it was a nice lasagna anyhow. Dessert was 'pancakes with bananas and chocolate sauce.' Every time I have had 'pancakes' outside of the US, as as dessert, it is like a crepe with something inside - so that's what we were expecting. The plate came out and it was actually 4 little American pancakes - for dessert!! Odd odd odd


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  2. Love looking at your pictures and reading your blog... Love looking at your pictures and reading your blog. Makes me feel like I am there with you. The sleepover with Selina was just what you needed. Your trip to the Aquarium seemed fun; nice to see a photo of you! Also, I remember having to memorize parts from Streetcar Named Desire in beginning acting in 1972. Hmmmmm...long time ago.
    Love, Mom

  3. Excellent photography Monique !

    Good posting regarding the experience you had in opera house ,latin restaurant,etc .

  4. Thanks - but the photos were taken by my husband Murray :)