Friday, October 9, 2009

My Oz Blog

I have had a request to post more often - even if I don't have any pics - so here you go:)
We are heading to the city tonight for drinks with friends - first time I have done that in AGES - should be fun!
I have tons of pictures that I need to get on here eventually - from 'The Script' gig we went to and our day at the Manly Aquarium with Steve & Selina & their girls. I promise to try and get those sorted this weekend.
Otherwise, just hoping for this rain to let up and the sun to come out this weekend. It has been a bit chilly this past week. I hear this is normal for October, then the heat comes through in November - we shall see!
I have made some good progress on the book I'm making of our travel blog. Venezuela is done and I'm working my way through Brasil. It's a slow process, but I think the pages are turning out quite nicely. I'll have to do some sort of screen print to put an example on here since I'm sure it'll take months & months for me to actually finish it!

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