Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Time Ever in Sydney!

Sunday Helen & I headed out EARLY to meet Anna for the 6:30 entrance to the Harbour Bridge

Me & Anna by a Cherry Blossom on the bridge

They even had cows!?!?! Showing the city folks a thing or two I guess!

Quite Bizarre to say the least, considering we drive across this bridge every day on our way to work!

Me & Anna - all of this grass is REAL!! This is the first time ever they have closed the Harbour Bridge to have a Picnic Breakfast!

Me & Helen setting up breakfast on our assigned part of the bridge - the whole thing was VERY well organized!

6000 people attended! We actually did not win tickets in the lottery - Helen just used her connections which was FAB - I was SOOOOOOOOO excited to go!!! Thank goodness it didn't rain! It actually was quite humid - but sunny!

The only bad part was all the helicopters flying over & being noisy - I counted 7!

We got a lot of random stuff - including these loaves of Rye bread!

Our lovely breakfast - pancakes, strawberries, yummy fresh juices, grapes & quiche!

We even got Breakfast on the Bridge hats - just a BIT bright! I actually traded this one in for a green one (which is STILL really bright!)

It was a LOVELY picnic - and amazing to be part of the first picnic ever on the Sydney Harbour Bridge!!

Afterwards Helen and I headed to the Opera House for open day.

The main theatre - the Mikado stage - cool to see up close!

The Orchestra Hall - that lady playing the organ on the screen is WAY up high where that light is - scary!

Later while waiting in line for a behind the scenes tour we spotted these odd performance artists....

Me & the Harbour Bridge

And backstage - those are Mikado costumes behind me!!

It was cool to see a bit more of the Opera House for free:)

That afternoon I also met Murray at our friend Megan's house for a BBQ, along with her husband John and friends Laura & Mike. It was lovely to catch up and the food was fab! A long day - but totally worth it:)

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