Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Manly Ocean World

Last weekend we went to Manly Ocean World

With Steve, Selina, Amelia & Clara on our long weekend Monday!

Lots of cool looking sealife!

I see you!

I love these guys with the funny noses!


Amelia & Clara loving the touching pool!

Me & Selina (and Steve taking a photo) in the tunnel!

The tunnel was fantastic! Huge sharks & the biggest rays I have EVER seen - about 6 foot across!

Amelia posing all sweetly - Clara wants to be picked up I think:) Cute

One of the highlights was the baby animal show

You can just see Me & Amelia here (Selina & Clara are hidden behind that pole). The girls were SO brave - touching snakes, a few kinds of lizards, etc. Good fun!

We don't have any photos but THE highlight of the day for Amelia was the mermaid! A girl was carried in (due to her tail of course.....) and put in a little hot tub to talk to the kids (normally she goes in the tank - but it's still too cold for that). She told them all about where she's from (Atlantica) and they were able to touch her tail - Amelia's face was pure bliss (she loves mermaids). TOO cute!

One last look at the sharks - a great day trip - we enjoyed it and so did the girls!

On the way home Amelia took a ride on one of the amusement park rides set up for the Manly Jazz festival.

Having fun on the ride - she was very brave!


Murray spotted this cockatoo picking at twigs on our way back - they really are gorgeous birds (LOUD though!)

Murray playing horse for Amelia

It was a fun day. Good fun with great friends:)

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