Tuesday, October 20, 2009

USA + U2

Saturday night we met up with Helen & her friend Louisa at Tony Romas
The 'onion loaf' was yummy (not as good a a blooming onion though.....) but the mains were VERY average. I wouldn't go there again, fun to go just once though!

Then we went to see U2 in 3D at the Imax

Murray & Me in our giant 3D glasses

I love live music, but I'm not a fan of watching concerts on DVD. However, this ... was... amazing! The concert was FABULOUS and it was really fun to see it in 3D (especially when Bono reached out right to ME!)! We really enjoyed it - my foot was tapping throughout the entire thing and I kept feeling like I should stand up clap!

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  1. Hmm...you guys must have forgotten that U2 sucks.